BRS Watunas "Mulya Jaya" Receives BNN Lido's Work Visit

  • BRS Watunas "Mulya Jaya" Receives BNN Lido's Work Visit
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Humas BRS Watunas "Mulya Jaya" Jakarta
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Intan Qonita N
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Intan Qonita N

JAKARTA (October 3, 2019) - Jakarta's Mulya Jaya Ex-Women's Tuna Susila (BRS Watunas) Social Rehabilitation Center received a working visit from the National Narcotics Rehabilitation Center (BNN) Lido, Bogor. This activity aims to educate the BNN program on prevention and handling drug abuse to service government.

Juena Sitepu as the Head of Jakarta's "Mulya Jaya" Watunas Rehabilitation Center accompanied by the Head of Administrative Subdivision and the Head of the Social Rehabilitation Services Section welcomed this activity very well.

"If you encounter problems related to drugs in your neighborhood, you can inform us that you can later be rehabilitated. Friends take it easy, our rehabilitation is the same here. We approach it in a humanist way so that anyone who is rehabilitated will get good service," said Sholikhun as Head of Social Services at the BNN Rehabilitation Center when he met with the Government of Services in the BRS Watunas Hall" Mulya Jaya "Jakarta.

On this occasion, the National Rehabilitation Center Team of BNN toured the Balai to see the therapy services and advanced social rehabilitation facilities provided to the Government of Services namely Physical Therapy, Spiritual Mental Therapy, Psychosocial Therapy, and Livelihood Therapy.

In addition, the BNN Rehabilitation Center Team also saw first hand the ongoing Livelihood Therapy activities in the form of Tailoring Skills, Salon Make-Up, Handicrafts, and Food Processes.

"Our office has the function of carrying out further social rehabilitation to ex-WTS, Citizens of Migrant Victims of Violence, which includes Victims of Trafficking in Persons, and Women Victims of Violence. So we focus on developing their capabilities and social responsibilities, then when they leave "This hall is ready to return to carrying out its social functions in the community. Our office has facilitated all of them to provide the best service," said Juena Sitepu.

The hope of this activity is that good cooperation can be established with BRS Watunas "Mulya Jaya" in preventing and handling drug abuse in the community, especially through the Service Government that is undergoing rehabilitation at BRS Watunas "Mulya Jaya" Jakarta.

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