BRSAMPK "Naibonat" Forms East Sumba AMPK Companion

  • BRSAMPK "Naibonat" Forms East Sumba AMPK Companion
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Writer :
Bayu Ismanto
Editor :
Intan Qonita N
Translator :
Intan Qonita N

EAST SUMBA (August 26, 2019) - The Social Rehabilitation Center for Children Needing Special Protection (BRSAMPK) "Naibonat" in Kupang formed a companion unit for Children Needing Special Protection (AMPK) in East Sumba Regency as a form of Child Social Welfare Program (PROGRESA) outside the hall where eight assistants were formed.

According to the Head of BRSAMPK Supriyono, a companion must be present in the middle of AMPK or his family. "Companions must learn from what they have, teach from what they know and work while learning," he added.

Moreover, in the Progresa outside the Balai, assistants are volunteers who are given education or training so that they are able to play a role in facilitating children and families to identify problems and find solutions to solve them.

Based on Sakti Social Workers and Social Service data from January to May 2019, there were 42 children in conflict with the law (ABH), 21 children and 7 infants with HIV in East Sumba, so continuous assistance was needed.

Progresa assistance in East Sumba was held for three months. Basically, the purpose of establishing regional facilitators is to cut the distance between BRSAMPK "Naibonat" in Kupang and AMPK in East Sumba, assisting children is also an effort to involve the community in developing various potentials so as to achieve a better quality of life.

"Development and maintainance of Progresa are carried out by the supporting cadres, the Child Welfare Institution (LKSA), families, communities, social services and agencies," Supriyono added.

The assistance continues until the assisted target becomes independent. They are monitored so that they won't fall back again and keep maintaining the spirit, condition, and ability.

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