BRSLU "Budhi Dharma" Stakeholders Hand in Hand with the Elderly

  • BRSLU "Budhi Dharma" Stakeholders Hand in Hand with the Elderly
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BEKASI (September 26, 2019) - The Elderly Social Rehabilitation (BRSLU) "Budhi Dharma" Bekasi is conducting resocialization activities related to the implementation of social rehabilitation. Located in the Balai hall, this activity was held on Thursday (9/26).

Participants who attended consisted of local government elements (Jakarta Provincial Social Service, Bekasi City Social Service, and Bekasi Regency Social Service), Tresna Werdha Social Institution owned by the government, Tresna Werdha Social Institution owned by the community, and elderly families who were in temporary BRSLU shelter "Budhi Dharma".

This activity was held to provide information to participants regarding the change in nomenclature of the Tresna Werdha "Budhi Dharma" Bekasi Social Home to become the "Budhi Dharma" Bekasi Elderly Social Rehabilitation Center (BRSLU).

In addition, resocialization activities aimed at providing understanding to participants regarding changes in services provided after changing nomenclature and increasing the role of local governments, communities and families in dealing with elderly issues.

On this occasion, Ismet as the Head of BRSLU "Budhi Dharma" Bekasi conveyed information about the elderly referral procedure from Bekasi's "Budhi Dharma" BRSLU to the local government, community and families.

"The elderly referred to are the elderly whose handling time is seven days and is in a temporary shelter owned by BRSLU" Budhi Dharma "Bekasi. During this time, the elderly are traced by their families to be reunified. However, if the family is not found after the deadline, then procedurally the elderly will go to the temporary shelter, "said Ismet.

Temporary temporary shelter period is only given for six months. If no family is found, then the elderly must be referred to the Tresna Werdha Social Institution owned by the local government.

Meanwhile, Ferry as Head of the Reintegration Section of the Directorate of Social Rehabilitation for the Elderly stated that the handling of neglected elderly is no longer the responsibility of the central government but is the responsibility of the regional government.

"The role of the central government in handling elderly problems is to increase social capability, be efficient, and play an active role in the environment through advanced social rehabilitation," Ferry said.

Advanced social rehabilitation is an effort made to fulfill the right to a decent life, increase social capabilities and potential and non-potential elderly social responsibility living in poor households.

On the same occasion, the Head of the Social Rehabilitation Section of the West Java Provincial Social Service, Yanti said that the West Java Provincial Social Service was ready to work together in handling neglected elderly problems through the Tresna Werdha Social Institution owned by the West Java Provincial Government which is spread in various regions.

"Not only that, we will also encourage the Elderly Social Welfare Institution (LKS-LU) in West Java to succeed other Social Ministry programs," said Yanti.

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