BRSLU "Gau Mabaji" Performs Art Therapy for Seniors

  • BRSLU "Gau Mabaji" Performs Art Therapy for Seniors
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BRSLU "Gau Mabaji" Makassar
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Intan Qonita N
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Intan Qonita N

GOWA (September 23, 2019) - Various therapies can be implemented in social rehabilitation services for the elderly. One of them is art therapy which is a mental health treatment, where the creative process of art plays an important role.

The goal of art therapy is to improve physical and mental health and create healthy emotions for everyone regardless of age. According to The American Art Therapy Association in 2017, art therapy is also used to treat psychological disorders and improve mental health.

The Elderly Social Rehabilitation Center (BRSLU) "Gau Mabaji" held an art therapy through the performance of the Cule Cule Toriolo Dance, which was performed by students of the Faculty of Arts and Design's Sendratasik Education Study Program, Makassar State University.

This dance performance is an activity initiated by Selfiana Saenal, S.PD, M. Sn as a Lecturer in Dance Studies (Drama and Music) in the Community Partnership Program (PKM) in collaboration with BRSLU "Gau Mabaji" as a partner for these activities.

"Cule Cule Toriolo dance is a dance which movements consist of the children's games of the past. This dance has its own meaning," explained Selfiana.

The purpose of the dance performance is to train elderly gestures through stimulation of dance performances performed by students.

"The most important thing from this activity is that the elderly at Balai feel entertained and happy," Selfiana added.

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