BRSODH "Wasana Bahagia" Community-Based Monitoring and Supervision

  • BRSODH "Wasana Bahagia" Community-Based Monitoring and Supervision
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Writer :
Humas BRSODH "Wasana Bahagia" Ternate
Editor :
Intan Qonita N
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Intan Qonita N

TERNATE (September 21, 2019) - The Social Rehabilitation Center for People (HIV) "Wasana Bahagia" Ternate conducts assistance to the Maku Dudara Social Welfare Institution (LKS) by monitoring and supervising ODH friends' Community-Based Activities in the Cengkih Gambesi Kebun Tourism, Ternate.

CBC is the implementation of the Persons with Social Deviance (TS) and Victims of Human Trafficking (KPO) Progres conducted by BRSODH "Wasana Bahagia" Ternate in partnership with Maku Dudara LKS as a form of commitment in assisting and empowering ODH LKS.

The activity carried out by Maku Dudara LKS is education about non-communicable diseases delivered by general practitioner at Gambesi Health Center, Rabiatul Adawiah. In his delivery, he stressed that for friends of ODH in addition to being aware of infectious diseases or infections, they must also be on the lookout for Non-Communicable Diseases (PTM) such as high cholesterol, diabetes and so on.

"Maintaining the body by means of a healthy lifestyle is very important because health is the responsibility of each person," said Rabiatul Adawiah.

The Head of BRSODH "Wasana Bahagia" Ternate, Udan Suheli along with elements of the leadership, Poltekesos lecturer Moch Zaenal Hakim, and social workers had the opportunity to be present to provide motivation and support to 20 Ternate ODH friends who participated in the activity.

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