BRSPDI "Nipotowe" Performs Psychosocial Therapy for Emotional Management

BRSPDI "Nipotowe" Performs Psychosocial Therapy for Emotional Management
Writer :
Humas BRSPDI "Nipotowe" Palu
Editor :
Intan Qonita N
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Intan Qonita N

SIGI (October 1, 2019) - Social Workers Social Rehabilitation Center for People with Intellectual Disabilities (BRSPDI) "Nipotowe" Palu conducts Psychosocial Therapy to Service Recipients in their emotional management. This therapy is important so that the Service Recipient knows the feelings he is feeling.

Unstable emotions are experienced by many service recipients, especially those who often miss their parents in the village. There are still many of the service recipients who have not been able to manage their feelings, so that sometimes it looks gloomy and not eager to participate in activities for reasons of missing family.

Emotional approach is carried out by Social Workers in trust building to Service Recipients. The formation of trust from Service Recipients makes it easier for Social Workers to identify the problems they are experiencing.

In practice, recipients of services are free to express how they feel, removing all burdens they have buried. Expression of feelings begins by choosing pink paper as a symbol of happiness, and orange as a symbol of sadness. By digging gradually will provide opportunities for recipients of services in preparing themselves to realize what they feel.

Social Workers use television media to play videos about the story of the sacrifice of a homeless person to the shop owner who always hits him. There was an emotional change experienced by the recipient of the service. Then the Social Worker offers to exchange the paper he chooses with other papers if something changes from what he feels after watching the video.

Not a few recipients of services who ask to replace the paper. They reasoned that the video being played changed his feelings. Then, Social Workers provide motivation to service recipients.

"You may be sad to see the video that was played earlier. Feeling sad is a natural thing, but don't let the sorrow for too long. Remember, what do you expect when you are going forward? What is your goal to be here? Keep assuring yourself that you are still happy and always eager to go through the day tomorrow," said Astrid, Social Worker of BRSPDI "Nipotowe" Palu, which provides motivation to service recipients.

Furthermore, Astrid added, recipients of services must be able to do emotional management well so that they are always cheerful in carrying out their days.

"Sadness is just a spice, but the main food is happiness. So your happiness must be greater than the sadness you feel. Having a happy day will bring success to all of you," Astrid added.

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