Bunga Sedap Malam Has Grown For Three Years

  • Bunga Sedap Malam Has Grown For Three Years
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Writer :
Niken Ayu Indrawati
Editor :
Annisa YH
Translator :
Intan Qonita N

Mrs. Zadidah, the chairman of the electronic group mutual assistance stall (e-warong) Joint Business Group (KUBE) Family Hope Program (PKH) that manages the Bunga Sedap Malam e-warong, has received assistance from the Ministry of Social Affairs of Indonesia since 2017.

From the profits he obtained, e-Warong Bunga Sedap Malam now has a refrigerator which is certainly useful for the Basic Food Program carried out by President Jokowi this year, namely the addition of food sources of animal protein, vegetable and vegetable as well as fruits, so that the ingredients the food does not rot quickly.

E-Warong Bunga Sedap Malam, which is located in Tanjung Gusta, Medan Helvetia District, Medan City, is managed by members of the KUBE Family Hope Program (PKH) who open a grocery store in a location close to residential areas. Meanwhile, the supply of rice comes from the Logistics Agency (Bulog), which is packaged into small packets carried out by local residents.

The KUBE PKH e-warong is a social assistance program as a form of synergy between PKH and the KUBE program. E-Warong is a place for distribution of non-cash assistance which is expected to be delivered accurately and quickly to beneficiaries using the Prosperous Family Card (KKS). From this program, it is hoped that poor families' access to inclusive financial services will increase and reduce misuse of aid, so that social assistance can be on target.

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