Chairman of Commission VIII DPR RI Closes BBPPKS Makassar Entrepreneurship Training

Chairman of Commission VIII DPR RI Closes BBPPKS Makassar Entrepreneurship Training
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MAKASSAR (August 24, 2022) - Chairman of Commission VIII DPR RI, Dr. H. Ashabul Kahfi, M.Ag closed the Community Empowerment Training through Social Entrepreneurship organized by MoSA through the Makassar Social Welfare Education and Training Center (BBPPKS).


This training targets Social Welfare Services Recipients (PPKS) which have the characteristics of the same type of business (culinary) as Beneficiary Families (KPM) for the Family Hope Program (PKH) and Beneficiaries (PM) at the Gau Mabaji Center, Gowa Regency.


Chairman of Commission VIII DPR RI said that the training organized by MoSA has considered its long-term impact. “Our country cares so much about the people who need help, both in the medium and long term. Today there is capacity-building training in the culinary field," he said.


I think, he continued, that this choice of culinary training for today's conditions is very appropriate because culinary needs have become the needs of the Indonesian people today. Especially almost the people of the city depend on their food through services, be it in stalls or restaurants. They depend on food producers for their needs, so I think this is very appropriate,” he said.


This classically implemented training uses a life skills training approach as an effort to accelerate poverty reduction through the development of social entrepreneurship which is carried out through training and providing skills so that Social Welfare Service Recipients (PPKS) can live independently and productively.


The training participants were 30 people who were limited to the age range under 40 years by presenting two speakers or practitioners, namely Mrs. Monica Harijati with Packaging and Digital Marketing materials.


The second speaker is the owner of Diah Cookies, Surabaya, Mrs. Diah Afrianti who delivered the material: Home Business Becomes Billion Turnover.


To motivate the participants, success stories and the practice of making cakes were presented from Makassar City PKH beneficiaries on behalf of Mrs. Santi, who sells boroncong cakes in front of the NTI Housing Complex with a turnover of IDR 300,000/day.


The training for 3 days starts from August 24 to 26, 2022, at the BBPPKS Makassar Hall with 20% theory and 80% practice methods. On the sidelines of the activity, the training participants will also plant sweet potatoes on the vacant land of BBPPKS Makassar.

This entrepreneurship training was officially opened by the Head of BBPPKS Makassar, Anna Puspasari, and attended by the Heads of Centers/representatives in the South Sulawesi Province, structural and functional officials of BBPPKS Makassar.

In his remarks, the Head of BBPPKS Makassar hoped that through this training, the beneficiaries could improve their ability to advance themselves towards a better life.

Rezki Wahyuni, a participant from KPM PKH Makassar City admitted that she was happy to participate in this training, "I am happy to take part in this training, at first I did not know how to package good products, after attending the training I know how to package products to attract consumers to buy," she said with a smile.

Meanwhile, Rahmiwati, the beneficiary of Gau Mabaji Center Gowa said, “I am happy and helped by the business tools provided. This tool can help me to grow my business.” He also felt motivated to restart the business.

Not only theory and knowledge are given, but at the end of the training, participants are given ATENSI (Social Rehabilitation Assistance) program in the form of culinary business tools or according to the results of an assessment carried out by Gau Mabaji Center Gowa. The total assistance provided was IDR 199,827,750. Participants also created a Whatsapp group to monitor the progress of their business.
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