Commission VIII of the House of Representatives Supports MoSA to Propose PKH Human Resources as P3K

Commission VIII of the House of Representatives Supports MoSA to Propose PKH Human Resources as P3K
Writer :
Galih Agus Rahman (OHH Ditjen Linjamsos)
Editor :
David Myoga
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

MAKASSAR (September 15, 2022) - Chairman of Commission VIII of the House of Representatives (DPR RI) Ashabul Kahfi stated that DPR RI fully supports the submission of Human Resources (HR) for Family Hope Program (PKH) to become Government Employees with a Work Agreement (P3K) carried out by MoSA. He conveyed this when attending PKH HR Technical Guidance activity, Capacity Building for Social Pillars, and the Delivery of Social Assistance at the Regional V Center for Social Welfare Education and Training (BBPPKS) Makassar City, Thursday (15/9).


He said that the reason Commission VIII supported the submission of PKH human resources to become P3K was because they had an important role in carrying out the constitutional mandate. "Poverty alleviation is one of the constitutional mandates, and PKH companions have an important role in poverty alleviation," he said in Makassar.


According to him, the problem of poverty is not only about economic problems, but also about mental. "Therefore, it is important to have PKH human resources with their duties and functions as facilitators, motivators, and educators in the community," he said.


The presence of a PKH companion, he considered, was sufficient to facilitate PKH Beneficiary Families (KPM), especially in receiving all complaints and consultations from KPM. "Often, the consultation is not only limited to the disbursement of necessities and assistance, but also family problems, and others," he explained.


This, he said, was because KPM trusted PKH companions so much. For that, he continued, PKH companions need to be able to guide PKH KPM and motivate them, which in the end, contribute to poverty alleviation as a constitutional mandate.


Meanwhile, Acting Director General of Social Protection and Security Robben Rico, who was also present at the event, said that MoSA is committed to fighting for PKH human resources as P3K.


Robben emphasized that MoSA would submit the proposal. However, his party reminded PKH HR that this is only a proposal, "So the Ministry also needs support from PKH HR companions so that the proposal is approved. I hope that all of them will pass," he said.


On that occasion, MoSA handed over Social Harmony Assistance to two Social Harmony Forums (FKS) in South Sulawesi Province, namely FKS Salamaka in Boddia Village, Takalar Regency IDR 150 million, and for FKS Mandiri in Tidung Village, Takalar Regency IDR 150 million.

Meanwhile, Local Wisdom Assistance was also handed over by MoSA to the Muhammadiyah Student Association in Makassar City worth IDR 50 million, for A'Bulo Sibatang in Mappakasungu District, Takalar Regency worth IDR 50 million, for the Student Council of the Faculty of Sharia and Law UIN Alauddin Makassar IDR 50 million, and 250 basic food assistance package is IDR 50 million, so the total assistance provided is IDR 550 million.

In addition to the Chairman of Commission VIII DPR RI and Acting Director General of Social Protection and Security, also present at this event, the Director of Social Security, Heri Kris Sritanto, Head of BBPPKS Makassar, Anna Puspasari, Head of "Pangurangi" Center in Takalar, Nur Alam and Head of "Gau Mabaji" Center in Gowa, Subhan Kadir.
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