Community Service, Bandung Poltekesos Lecturer Conducts PMU in Bekasi City

Community Service, Bandung Poltekesos Lecturer Conducts PMU in Bekasi City
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BEKASI (June 7, 2023) - Community Service Center of the Social Welfare Polytechnic (Poltekesos) Bandung conducted Excellent Community Service (PMU) activities for the Social Rehabilitation Study Program at the Al Fajar Berseri Social Welfare Institution (LKS) Al Fajar Berseri, Bekasi City, Monday (07/06). This activity was carried out through 3 (three) stages, namely, the assessment stage which was carried out in March, the activity implementation stage in June, and the evaluation stage which is planned to be carried out in August 2023.

Rini Hartini Rinda Andayani, Bandung Poltekesos Lecturer as Head of the PMU Social Rehabilitation Study Program team, together with other lecturers namely Dayne Trikora, Ukeu Hani Rasalwati, and Enung Huripah and assisted by Fauzan Adha Noviansyah, Bandung Poltekesos student carried out community service activities at LKS Al Fajar Berseri City Bekasi by providing a series of activities based on the results of the assessment, namely improving the skills of administrators in providing services to Persons with Mental Disabilities (PDM)/ODGJ, preparing families to accept PDM/ODGJ back, and several activities to improve the recovery of PDM/ODGJ who are fostered by LKS Al Dawn of the City of Bekasi. "This activity is part of the tri dharma activities of higher education, apart from conducting education on campus, also conducting research and community service, one of which is at LKS Al Fajar Berseri, Bekasi City," said Rini.

On June 7 to 10, the implementation of community service activities at the Poltekesos Bandung was simultaneously carried out in various locations in the Province of West Java. "So Poltekesos lecturers are currently taking to the field with students to carry out community service activities," he added. Also present at the implementation of Outstanding Community Service at LKS Al Fajar Berseri Bekasi City, Evi Nurhayati, Head of Academic and General Administration representing the Director of Bandung Poltekesos who was accompanied by the Head of the Cooperation Team and Head of the Public Relations Working Team along with the Public Relations Team and Electronic Media. In his remarks, he expressed his gratitude to the Chairperson of LKS Al Fajar Berseri and other administrators for their acceptance of community service activities by Bandung Poltekesos Lecturers.

Evi Nurhayati added that apart from carrying out community service activities by the lecturers, there will also be publications on the role of institutions in implementing social welfare through social services to people with mental disorders/mental disabilities (ODGJ) as their fostered members. "I really appreciate it, even though the facilities and infrastructure that are felt by the institution are still limited, the institution together with the management has a great sense of concern and commitment to help others which most people might underestimate. This can be seen from the institution's vision to elevate the dignity of people with mental disorders/mental disabilities to return to being whole human beings who are useful for themselves, their families, and society," said Evi.

Therefore, through this publication, it is hoped that many people whose hearts are touched will participate in realizing concern and opening our eyes that there are still people who need our collective attention. "Hopefully what Poltekesos has provided at this time, hopefully, can provide benefits and we can both learn and be sustainable," he hoped.

The Bandung Poltekesos has made this institution one of the locations for carrying out superior community service activities, as a follow-up implementation of the collaboration between the Bandung Poltekesos and PT. Cikarang Listrindo Tbk. This collaboration is to improve the quality of social welfare services in Cikarang Listrindo through the Social and Environmental Responsibility Program (TJSL), one of the targets of this collaboration program is the LKS Al Fajar Berseri Bekasi City. With the collaboration carried out with Poltekesos Bandung this year, it is hoped that the PDM/OGDJ group as inmates can become even better and maximize their potential, so that when the OGDJ has recovered and returned to the community they can be well received and become productive individuals.

In addition, the Chairperson of the Al-Fajar Berseri Foundation, Marshan, expressed his gratitude for the arrival of the Bandung Poltekesos team for community service activities at LKS Al Fajar Berseri Bekasi. Do not forget to express your gratitude to the inmates for taking the time to attend this activity. "I really feel valued by having an activity like this, hopefully, this activity will become a source of learning for administrators and residents assisted by the Al Fajar institution to be even better," he said.

Community service activities are carried out through the division of the lecturer team into 2 groups with the target, group 1 is the administrators and parents and Group 2 is the assisted residents (PDM/ODGJ). Both of these target groups were given support for capacity building, skills, and insights related to techniques and methods in providing social services to assisted citizens by the teams, as well as activities to support the recovery of assisted residents. The activities provided are in the form of touching therapy, self-care, as well as group therapy for the inmates, and several social skill training activities.

Also present was Ganuardi Pradipta, Community Development Lead of PT. Cikarang Listrinso Tbk and its team in carrying out the implementation of follow-up cooperation through community service activities at LKS Al Fajar Berseri, Bekasi City.

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