Consolidation of Family Hope Program 2023

Consolidation of Family Hope Program 2023
Writer :
Humas Linjamsos
Editor :
David Myoga
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

Malang (February 25, 2023) - To ensure that PKH 2023 runs smoothly and to prepare for it to run well, it is necessary to find solutions and problems that occur from PKH HR in the field. The Ministry of Social Affairs officials held a consolidation activity for Family Hope Program (PKH) in Malang City, East Java (25/2).


Hundreds of PKH human resources from Malang City, Malang Regency, and Batu Regency participated in the discussion led by the Director General of Protection and Social Security, Robben Rico.


Activities that aim to form PKH HR's commitment to making significant changes in improving the welfare of beneficiary families get a good response from the participants who attend, as seen by the enthusiasm of the discussion throughout the event.


"PKH HR is the spearhead of the success of this program because one of the successes in implementing Family Hope Program (PKH) is determined by the quality of Human Resources (HR) whose job is to provide assistance and services in implementing PKH," said Robben.


On the same occasion, Robben also advised PKH HR to entrust P2K2 Program, which has been running trials in Kediri Regency, its implementation has gone smoothly, then it will be implemented in Magetan, Ponorogo, and Malang Raya.


"Don't just give nutrition, but ask the Health Office about what is needed, if you need it, for example, fish, give it according to the needs because the needs of each region will be different," said Robben to ensure P2K2 program was running well.


At the end of his speech, Robben expressed his appreciation and gratitude to the PKH HR who had worked hard to help the Ministry of Social Affairs and the city of Malang Raya in the last 2 years. "Thank you and keep your enthusiasm for PKH."


Also present at the event were Member of Commission XI DPR RI Andreas Eddy Susetyo, Senior Advisor for the Minister of Communication and Mass Media Don Rozano Sigit, Senior Advisor for the Minister of Empowerment and Poverty Reduction Management Doddi Madya Judanto, and Acting Director of Remote Indigenous Community Empowerment I Ketut Supena.

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