CSR Program at "Melati" BRSPDSRW, Synergy with Astra International

  • CSR Program at "Melati" BRSPDSRW, Synergy with Astra International
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Writer :
Humas BRSPDSRW "Melati" Jakarta
Editor :
Putri D
Translator :
Alika Sandra; Karlina Irsalyana

JAKARTA (10 October 2019) - Since 2014 PT. Astra International (Astra) regularly visits “Melati” Social Rehabilitation Center for People with Hearing Impaired Sensory Disabilities Jakarta. Today, Astra sent its Management Trainee (MT) participants to see directly the process of social services and rehabilitation for persons with disabilities carried out by the "Melati" BRSPDSRW.

The MT participants are Astra's new employees who are undergoing training and are projected to hold important positions in the future. They were given the task to create the right program to support Astra's CSR program at Balai Melati. Sixteen MT Astra participants were welcomed directly by the Head of "Melati" Social Rehabilitation Services Section Romal Sinaga.

He also said that so far there has been a pretty neat collaboration between "Melati" BRSPDSRW and Astra in various fields such as on the job training, donations, exhibitions and seminars or entrepreneurial workshops. This is important for both parties in supporting the success of the independence program for beneficiaries of persons with disabilities.

After the welcoming and comprehensive explanation of the "Melati" BRSPDSRW, MT Astra participants led by Naufal Farras Fajar, had the opportunity to see the Balai environment and the gallery of the results of vocational products of rehabilitation center beneficiaries. At the end of their visit, they met and had a dialogue with the rehabilitation center beneficiaries.

MT participants can find out directly  about the programs or activities they need through interactive dialogue with people with disabilities. Various desires were conveyed by beneficiaries, from workshops, donations of sports and health equipment to outbound programs.

The results of this dialogue will be discussed internally by MT Astra participants. From the results of the discussion, a one-day program or activity will be held at Melati Rehabilitation Center involving all beneficiaries on 25 October.

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