Disseminate on Social Welfare Program, MoSA Coffee Break with Social Office and Mass Media in Raja Ampat

Disseminate on Social Welfare Program, MoSA Coffee Break with Social Office and Mass Media in Raja Ampat
Writer :
Biro Humas
Editor :
David Myoga
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

Raja Ampat (December 30, 2022) - The Ministry of Social Affairs paid a visit to Raja Ampat Social Office to disseminate social welfare programs and friendly relations with mass media in Raja Ampat.


Activities were carried out in the form of a Coffee Break with the Head of Social Office Raja Ampat Regency Muh. Yamin Maradjabessy discussed social welfare and social assistance programs. The activity was carried out at the Meeting Hall of Raja Ampat Regency Social Office, Monday (26/12/2022).


During the meeting, the Ministry of Social Affairs Team received a lot of input and explanations on the field constraints faced by those in charge of the Social Assistance Program, especially Family Hope Program (PKH) in Raja Ampat which is spread across various islands. Several villages or districts were found whose names were incorrect in the system database.


"Systemic problems like this do not only occur in Raja Ampat but also in other areas. That is why in 2021, 16 million data were deactivated because there is the same data and it has not been updated," explained Hangga Sukrisna, representative of Public Relations Bureau of MoSA accompanied by the Head of Administration of Public Relations Bureau, Resti Aysiani Dewi.


Muh. Yamin said that the constraints of Raja Ampat's geographical conditions which made access to villages receiving social assistance and PKH program time-consuming and costly were the main obstacles presented in the Coffee Break.


According to him, meetings and hearings as well as input and obstacles encountered are of course very good for encouraging and creating breakthroughs and better mechanisms going forward for the Social Assistance and PKH programs, especially in Raja Ampat.


"By actively having discussions like this, we optimize coordination and cooperation so that they are always integrated. So that in the future it is hoped that social welfare programs will be even in better management," said Hangga Sukrisna at the end of the discussion.
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