Eager To Be The Winner, West Papua Tagana Is Ready To Show The Best

  • Eager To Be The Winner, West Papua Tagana Is Ready To Show The Best
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Writer :
Siti Nurhilal F
Editor :
Intan Qonita N
Translator :
Alif Mufida U

SURABAYA (25 September 2019) - About 270 Tagana personnel arrived at Juanda Airport, Surabaya to take part in the 2019 National Tagana Jamboree and Social Service Activities held in East Java Province on 25 to 28 September 2019.

Among the thousands of Tagana personnel who arrived were contingents from West Papua Province. They come with enthusiasm to win and prove they are capable.

"We (Tagana) are coming from West Papua to win", said Ari, one of the Tagana Jamboree athletes from West Papua Province.

Although this is a competition, but for Tagana members, a moment like this will always be a magnet that awaits every year, wherever the location takes place.

"We try to always be there because of our sense of brotherhood and our dedication for Tagana who calls us to meet each other, keep in touch and exchange experiences", said Ari, who has twice attended the Tagana Jamboree.

With different disaster and cultural characteristics in each region, this moment is expected to be a place to share experiences, learning processes and the development of the Tagana network in disaster management in their own regions so that they are more optimal in their work implementation.

Ari revealed that the contingent had almost been cancelled due to the condition of West Papua lately. However, the spirit of togetherness as humanitarian volunteers under the same mission for Tagana, they still want to prove that West Papua's presence everywhere for humanitarian action is real.

"Thank you to the Ministry of Social Affairs. Once again, thank you", concluded Ari.

The Jamboree and Social Service activities that will take place from 25 of September at Taman Candra Wilwatika, the Sand Sea of Mount Bromo National Park and Lake Ranu Grati are expected to be attended by 2000 Tagana throughout Indonesia.

Ari hopes that West Papua is believed to be the host of the next Tagana Jamboree in 2020.
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