Receiving ATENSI Assistance, Alvian Can Be More Empowered and Active

Receiving ATENSI Assistance, Alvian Can Be More Empowered and Active
Writer :
Humas BBPPKS Makassar
Editor :
Laili Hariroh
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

NORTH LUWU (25 August 2023) – Accelerating the distribution of aid to vulnerable groups, namely persons with disabilities, continues to be carried out so that they are empowered and feel the presence of the state in society.

The Ministry of Social Affairs through the Social Welfare Education and Training Center (BBPPKS) Makassar provided Social Rehabilitation Assistance (ATENSI) for Alvian, PPKS from North Luwu whose leg was amputated due to diabetes in March 2023. The assistance provided was in the form of a wheelchair, agricultural equipment (seedlings), corn, eggplant, spray tank, hoe), and animal husbandry (a pair of piglets).

Alvian felt very helped by the assistance provided by BBPPKS Makassar because previously he could not carry out activities.

 “Before my leg was amputated, I was the bread and butter, but due to diabetes, my leg had to be amputated so I no longer work.  "I also can't do activities, usually I have to be dragged because I don't have a wheelchair," said Alvian.

 He further expressed his happiness and hope, "Praise God for the assistance from the Ministry of Social Affairs. Now I can return to my activities, and my wife can also help the family economically by farming.  "My wife and I also hope to get assistance to open a retail small shop and sell petrol also so that we can help the family's economy and remain productive even at home."

 Arno, one of the monitoring and evaluation (monev) team for BBPPKS Makassar aid recipients, when met said, "The results of the monitoring and evaluation for PPKS on behalf of Alvian were that PPKS felt helped by the presence of a wheelchair.  Currently, the corn seeds planted have started to grow but have not yet been harvested because it is not harvest time yet, perhaps in about a month we can harvest.  "The aim of the monev itself is to find out the use of the assistance that has been provided," said Arno.

 BBPPKS Makassar itself, as one of the Technical Implementation Units within the Ministry of Social Affairs, since 2022 will not only organize training but also multi-services.  This is stated in the Decree of the Minister of Social Affairs Number 221/HUK/2022 on Social Service Centers within the Social Welfare Education and Training Center (BBPPKS).  One of the services provided to the community is Social Rehabilitation Assistance (ATENSI), and Emergency Case Response Service for Vulnerable Groups.

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