"Efata" BRSPDSRW Prioritize Beneficiaries (PM) Health

  • "Efata" BRSPDSRW Prioritize Beneficiaries (PM) Health
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Writer :
Humas BRSPDSRW "Efata" Kupang
Editor :
Aryokta Ismawan
Translator :
Alika Sandra; Karlina Irsalyana

KUPANG (10 October 2019) - Health is one of the important things and must be considered by the rehabilitation center in providing further social rehabilitation services to Beneficiaries (PM). This is often conveyed by Suwahyono, Head of "Efata" Social Rehabilitation Center for People with Deaf and Speech Disabilities (BRSPDSRW) Kupang.

PM health is checked every week on Thursday. The appointed doctor, conducts an examination to determine the PM's health development during social rehabilitation at the rehabilitation center. The examination is based on complaints that often arise during the previous week. Giving medicine or vitamins is also done by doctors when there are indications of health problems that arise. Rehabilitation center provides generic and non-generic medicines which are stored in the health room so that they can be given at any time by the appointed doctor.

These periodic health check activities are aligned and support the realization of Advanced Social Rehabilitation in which there are aspects of care.

With the realization of good Advanced Social Rehabilitation, "Efata" BRSPDSRW Kupang is contributing in realizing the goal of the 5.0 NP Progress which is the policy of the Directorate General of Social Rehabilitation at the Ministry of Social Affairs Republic of Indonesia.

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