Fast Action for Handling Social Problems in Sebatik

  • Fast Action for Handling Social Problems in Sebatik
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Humas Ditjen Rehabiliasi Sosial
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Karlina Irsalyana

JAKARTA (March 20, 2023) – The Minister of Social Affairs, Tri Rismaharini, has seriously paid attention to handling social problems on Sebatik Island by assigning the ranks of the Ministry of Social Affairs to act quickly.


"The directives of the Minister of Social Affairs for handling Sebatik at the last meeting, to be carried out immediately and there is no need to have a meeting again," said Director General of Social Rehabilitation Pepen Nazaruddin in a zoom meeting, Monday (20/3/2023) morning.


Administratively, said Pepen, Sebatik consists of 5 sub-districts namely Sebatik Induk, West Sebatik, North Sebatik, Central Sebatik, and East Sebatik with collaborative management across directorates at the Ministry of Social Affairs.


"The results of the assessment show that there is a need for lighting, repair of batteries and light bulbs, clean water and road facilities," said the Director General of Social Rehabilitation.


For Social Rehabilitation Assistance (ATENSI) activities in the form of equipment for school children, physical disabilities, mental disabilities, and the elderly.


“Efforts to empower include agriculture: vegetables, avocado, California papaya, pineapple, long beans, and olives; laying hens farm; and businesses such as dried shrimp and crackers," said Pepen.


At the zoom meeting, the Director General of Social Rehabilitation asked to ensure data from Beneficiaries (PM) and Families of Beneficiaries (KPM) so that various assistance could be right on target.


"How many KPM are assisted by PENA, the number of KPM are assisted by RST (Integrated Welfare House), how many are assisted by ATENSI, including how many KPM have been or will be assisted to get BPJS Card, PKH (Family Hope Program), BPNT/Sembako (Non-Cash Food Assistance/Basic Food), YAPI (Assistance for the Orphans), food, and social shelters in 5 sub-districts," he said.


We do not need to build a new social granary, but instead, optimize the existing one based on regulations at the Directorate General of Social Protection and Social Security and simultaneously use it both for disaster management and fulfillment of basic needs.


"The social storage remains one that is optimized apart from being filled with items related to disaster management, it is also filled with various basic needs of beneficiaries such as disability aids, pampers, food, and so on," explained Pepen.
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