Feeling So Happy Because Train Sound Can Be Heard

Feeling So Happy Because Train Sound Can Be Heard
Writer :
Humas Sentra Bahagia Medan
Editor :
David Myoga
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

TEBING TINGGI (January 6, 2023) - The Ministry of Social Affairs through "Bahagia" Center in Medan provided hearing aids to 36 Social Welfare Service Recipients (PPKS) with hearing disabilities in Tebing Tinggi City, North Sumatra. Not only Tebing Tinggi City, but there are also PPKS from several areas in North Sumatra such as Serdang Bedagai, Batubara, and Pematangsiantar City.


"It's great that now I can hear the sound of the train," said AP (22 years) looking touched. He is one of the hearing aid recipients who came from Batubara Regency.


AP has been hearing impaired since he was born and found it very helpful to be able to hear after 22 years. "Thank you for giving me this hearing aid," added AP. Based on information from several PPKS, it is known that various factors cause their hearing loss including congenital birth, fever when they were toddlers, and accidents.


Previously, this activity, which was carried out in collaboration with the "Bahagia" Center and the Directorate of Social Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities, also provided hearing aids for 16 persons with hearing disabilities in Medan City to celebrate International Day of Disabilities (HDI) 2022.

Apart from hearing aid, "Bahagia" Center also provides ATENSI program to meet the needs of a decent life of PPKS in the form of groceries.

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