Field Monitoring to Guard Social Assistance Distribution Accountability

Field Monitoring to Guard Social Assistance Distribution Accountability
Writer :
Dian Catur P.K.
Editor :
Intan Qonita N
Translator :
Mahadewi Meytharesy; Karina Irsalyana

JAKARTA (April 30th 2020) - Inspector of Social Protection and Security, Afrizon Tanjung, has participated in field monitoring distribution of social assistance as prevention of COVID-19 pandemic. This monitoring was carried out in several areas of Jabodetabek from April 27th until April 29th 2020.

This field monitoring itself is carried out in order to oversee accountability and supervision implementation of Social Safety Net Program (JPS) and social protection programs for other lower-level communities affected by COVID-19 within the Directorate General of Social Protection and Security. Therefore, a Technical Team for Accountability and Supervision for Expansion of the Family Hope Program (PKH) and Social Assistance Staple Food for DKI Jakarta and Bodetabek areas that were affected by COVID-19 was formed.

The Inspectorate General dispatched three teams to monitor the distribution of this basic food assistance.  Each team consists of four people and monitors one area each day. The areas visited in this monitoring were social service clans and tribes in North Jakarta, South Jakarta, West Jakarta, Depok, Bekasi, South Tangerang, Tangerang and Bogor areas.

In addition to visiting Social Services Office, the team also went down to residential areas to monitor the distribution directly. One of residential areas reviewed directly is Palmerah RW 14, West Jakarta. Inspector of Social Protection and Security also came directly to review readiness of aid stock at MT Haryono's Transmart.

During three days of field monitoring, the team from Inspectorate General found that main obstacle in field was related to data on beneficiaries. The first stage of social assistance distribution data does not match data submitted from the RT / RW scope.  In addition, because distribution is carried out by PT Pos Indonesia, social services agency also does not receive data on social assistance recipients due to a lack of coordination.

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