Flood in Muratara, Ministry of Social Affairs’ Field Kitchen Supplies 3000 Meals Per Day

Flood in Muratara, Ministry of Social Affairs’ Field Kitchen Supplies 3000 Meals Per Day
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OHH Linjamsos
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David Myoga
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Dian Catur/Karlina Irsalyana

Musi Rawas Utara (January 15th, 2024) – Ministry of Social Affairs built a Field Kitchen to supply food needs for the people affected by flood in Musi Rawas Utara (Muratara) Regency in South Sumatera. The field kitchen located in Asy Suhada Mosque in Rupit could produce 3000 meals per day which were distributed three times daily in the morning, at noon, and in the evening.

Ministry of Social Affairs’ field kitchen has been actively operated since Saturday, January 13th 2024. The cooking process is done by the members of the Muratara Disaster Response Volunteer, Lubuklinggau Disaster Response Volunteer, companions of Family Hope Program, and Community Peace Volunteer. Residents also help them. 40 personnel in total are involved in Ministry of Social Affairs’ Field Kitchen.

3,000 meals were distributed to six districts affected by the flood, which are Ulu Rawas, Rawas Ulul, Rupit, Karang Jaya, Karang Dapo, and Rawas Ilir Districts.

“When we received the information about the flood in Muratara, Ministry of Social Affairs sent the team straight away to build the Field Kitchen. We focus on the Field Center. Therefore, the needs of food of the people affected can be fulfilled. Their houses were submerged, and they couldn’t cook. Thus, we supply food for the people,” the Acting Head of Director of Social Protection of Natural Disaster Victims of Ministry of Social Affairs M. Delmi says in a written statement in Jakarta on Monday (January 15th).

Rupit Citizen Andi Saputra (34) who is affected by the flood claims that until today, his family is unable to cook. This happens because his house is submerged up to two meters high.

“Our house was submerged up to two meters high. So, for now, we are still evacuating. We can’t use it because the kitchen utensils can’t be used. Now, we take food from Ministry of Social Affairs’ kitchen field. We take 40 packages for the children and people around the house,” Andi says.

As reported previously, a flood hit six districts in Musi Rawas Utara Regency on Wednesday (January 10th) because Rawas River overflew. 20,000 houses are reported to have been submerged by flood. Until today, there have been no reported casualties in the disaster.

In addition to distributing food assistance, Ministry of Social Affairs also distributes logistics assistance such as multi-purpose tents, roll-up tents, veld bad, blankets, kids' ware, family kits, boats, and others. The total assistance provided for flood management in Muratara is IDR 636 million. 

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