Friends of Happy Children Festival: Hana and Arjuna Participate in LDP Safari

Friends of Happy Children Festival: Hana and Arjuna Participate in LDP Safari
Writer :
Humas Linjamsos
Editor :
David Myoga
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

Cianjur (March 14, 2023) - Various series of events joined to enliven the Festival of Happy Children's Friends which took place in Cianjur Regency. One of them is the activity of Psychosocial Support Services (LDP) in eight locations in Gekbrong District. These selected locations are places that are still being used as evacuation posts for the Cianjur earthquake that occurred some time ago.


One of the highlights of this LDP safari activity was the presence of Hana and Arjuna as LDP companions. Hana, an 11-year-old teenager, is a Child Social Worker who has been involved in LDP program since four years ago or when she was 7 years old. Meanwhile, Arjuna is a teenager with a visual disability who can tell stories and imitate the voices of cartoon characters. His ability is often used to entertain children who are victims of disasters.


Hana said that her participation in the LDP safari was due to her desire to share happiness with the children who were victims of the disaster. "I want to share happiness with the children here, they are my friends. Just like them, I am also a victim of Cianjur earthquake. So here we can laugh together, play together, and be happy together," said Hana.


Hana Apriani Ramtika started learning to become an LDP companion when she was in grade 1 of elementary school. At that time, she often participated in the activities of her father who became a Social Worker. Starting from there, she was then given the opportunity by her father to practice public speaking. Although at first, she was very nervous and even gave up, with her tenacity she was able to have high self-confidence. This capital is what then continues to bring Hana to the present day. Her name is also widely known among social workers.


In line with Hana, Arjuna, the storyteller, also admitted that he was happy to be able to share his happiness with the children at the evacuation posts. "I am happy to be able to contribute to this Happy Children's Friends Festival. I feel the children are also happy. They respond to the stories I tell. Even they laugh out loud. Maybe this can help relieve trauma after a disaster," said Arjuna.


The Festival itself was pioneered by LKS Societa Indonesia in collaboration with various parties, one of which was the Ministry of Social Affairs. This activity took place from March 3-12, 2023 in Cianjur Regency. There are various series of events, starting from the Psychosocial Support Service (LDP) Safari, children's competitions, exhibitions of children's work, to children's art performances.

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