Galih Pakuan Bogor Center Gives 164 Beneficiaries ATENSI Aid

Galih Pakuan Bogor Center Gives 164 Beneficiaries ATENSI Aid
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Humas Sentra "Galih Pakuan" di Bogor
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Karlina Irsalyana

BOGOR (November 11, 2022) - A total of 164 beneficiaries from various sub-districts in Bogor Regency received ATENSI aid consisting of tools and packages to fulfill basic needs in the form of groceries and nutrition. This week the distribution of ATENSI was carried out for 2 days, on 10 and 11 November 2022.


The distribution of the assistance on the first day was also witnessed by the Head of the Bogor Regency Social Office, Mustakim. In his remarks, Mustakim stated that he was ready to support the ATENSI program for his residents. "We are ready to help, one of which is that we will make efforts for all beneficiaries who, according to the assessment results, need assistance, and have not been registered with DTKS, so that they are immediately proposed to enter DTKS," said Mustakim.


In addition to conveying the results of the integrated assessment that was carried out in the Bogor regency, the Head of Galih Pakuan Center Siti Sari Rumayanti symbolically handed over ATENSI aid to the Head of Bogor Regency Social Office.


On this first day, as many as 54 beneficiaries gathered at Bogor Regency Social Office, 29 of whom were hearing aid recipients. Before receiving the aids, one by one they were examined for their hearing condition. The examination involved officers from ABDI Hearing Aid Center. After being examined, they then get hearing aids according to their respective hearing conditions. On this occasion ABDI officers also provided education to beneficiaries, consisting of the elderly and disabled, about using these hearing aids.


"The installation of this hearing aid must be adjusted to the hearing conditions of the clients, so here we have to make sure which hearing aid is suitable for them," said Eti, one of the officers from ABDI.


George, a 10-year-old boy who is one of the recipients of hearing aids, said he was very happy to receive this assistance. "Thank you very much, this hearing aid is very useful for my child, it will help him while studying at school," said Marsius, who is George's father, when accompanying his son.


Marsius is very grateful to the Ministry of Social Affairs through Galih Pakuan Center Bogor, for the assistance that has been provided. Still, on the first day, 25 packages of food and nutrition were also distributed to 25 disability beneficiaries.


On the second day, Galih Pakuan Center again distributed aid to 2 locations. The first location was located at Galih Pakuan Center, and as many as 64 beneficiaries came to receive the tools. The aids provided consist of standard wheelchairs, adaptive wheelchairs, 3-foot canes, adaptive walking sticks, walkers, crutches, and tricycle motorbikes.


At the same time, the assistance was also distributed to 46 children with special needs (ABK) at Bogor Cerebral Palsy House (RCP). The assistance provided consists of special tools and entrepreneurship packages for parents with special needs. The aids consist of AFO shoes, CP wheelchairs, CP chairs, traveling wheelchairs, CP walkers, stationary bicycles, orthopedic shoes, treadmills, hand backslaps, Omron nebulizers, standing frames, infrared, and therapy bolsters.

The delivery of this assistance was given to beneficiaries based on the results of an assessment that had been carried out previously. The amount of aid provided in this activity was IDR 270,555,350. After this, Galih Pakuan Center will still distribute ATENSI program to other beneficiaries following the results of the assessments that have been carried out, both for the elderly, disabled, children, and beneficiaries in the vulnerable group category.

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