Galih Pakuan Center Provides ATENSI Assistance for Elderly and Drug Victims in Bogor Regency

Galih Pakuan Center Provides ATENSI Assistance for Elderly and Drug Victims in Bogor Regency
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Humas Sentra "Galih Pakuan" di Bogor
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Intan Qonita N
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Karlina Irsalyana

BOGOR (November 26, 2022) - The Ministry of Social Affairs through Galih Pakuan Center Bogor has again distributed ATENSI assistance to fulfill basic needs in the form of food packages and nutrition. This time it is not only for the elderly both in the community and at LKS, but also for victims of drug abuse who are in 5 Obligatory Report Recipient Institutions (IPWL).


5 elderly LKS who received ATENSI assistance, namely Khairu Ummah LKS as many as 108 packages, LKS Basama as many as 44 packages, LKS Kisunda as many as 99 packages, LKS Nurul Taubat as many as 59 packages and LKS Baruna Bintang as many as 93 packages.


The head of LKS Basama, Muhawalahtul Baedoa welcomed this assistance. "Thank God, the elderly are very happy with this assistance. Thank you very much to the Ministry of Social Affairs, and to Galih Pakuan Center. This assistance is very useful for them because they need it," said Muhawalahtul shortly after the aid distribution activity was completed.


Apart from the LKS, around 232 elderly spread across 35 sub-districts in Bogor Regency also received ATENSI assistance, with several packages of nutritional basic foods.


Apart from the elderly, similar ATENSI assistance was also provided to 224 victims of drug abuse in 5 IPWL, namely 11 people of IPWL Breakthrough, 21 people of IPWL Cahaya Putra Selatan, 65 people of IPWL Rasa, 28 people of IPWL Fancamp, IPWL Penuai 57 people and IPWL Cahaya Bulan Bintang as many as 42 people.


Some beneficiaries who received residential and family-based ATENSI services in the 5 IPWLs said they were happy to be part of the recipients of ATENSI assistance from MoSA.


The total assistance provided by Galih Pakuan Center Bogor is IDR 1,070,339,175. This assistance was provided to 627 elderly and 224 beneficiaries of drug abuse victims in Bogor Regency.
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