"Gau Mabaji" BRSLU Responds to Elderly Cases in Maros

  • "Gau Mabaji" BRSLU Responds to Elderly Cases in Maros
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Writer :
Humas BRSLU "Gau Mabaji" Gowa
Editor :
Aryokta Ismawan
Translator :
Alika Sandra; Karlina Irsalyana

MAROS (October 11th, 2019) - "Gau Mabaji" Social Rehabilitation Center for Elderly (BRSLU) Gowa conducted a Case Response in the Regional Technical Implementation Unit (UPTD) of Shelter House Trauma Center in Maros Regency. This was done to respond to complaints from the Maros Regency Social Service Agency.

The results of the initial assessment conducted by Novita Kartika, Social Worker "Gau Mabaji" BRSLU Gowa obtained data that the elderly person named Hj. Nurhaedah (72) does not have an identity card, so it was delivered directly by the local police to the Maros Regency Social Service Agency to get the right handling.

After receiving a report from the police, the Social Service Agency of Maros Regency immediately followed up with a search of elderly families. However, these efforts failed because the elderly family was not found.

Not only stopped there, the Social Service of Maros Regency also carried out the process of recording the Identity Card (KTP) and Family Card (KK) and left the elderly in the UPTD of the Shelter House Trauma Center of Maros Social Service Agency. Furthermore, Maros Social Service Agency referred him to the "Gau Mabaji" BRSLU Gowa because the elderly needed further social rehabilitation services.

After the assessment process in this case response is carried out, a Case Conference will be continued to plan for the next Intervention in the elderly Social Rehabilitation service phase.

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