Gau Mabaji Center Provides ATENSI Aid for Paralyzed Grandma in Barru

Gau Mabaji Center Provides ATENSI Aid for Paralyzed Grandma in Barru
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Humas Sentra Gau Mabaji di Gowa
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David Myoga
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Karlina Irsalyana

BARRU (January 13, 2023) - The Ministry of Social Affairs through Gau Mabaji Center Gowa responded to viral news on social media regarding a grandmother living with a paralyzed condition in Kampung Ralla, Lompo Riaja Village, Tanete Riaja District, Barru Regency, South Sulawesi.


Head of Gau Mabaji Center, Subhan Kadir assigned social workers and nurses to conduct assessments and provide interventions. The Team examined Grandmother Maryamah's social and health conditions together with Ralla Health Center staff.


The results of the examination, Grandma Maryamah did not experience paralysis. Still, she had limited movement due to a wound from a plate removal surgery on her right thigh which had broken a bone due to a fall and bed rest wound on her buttocks. This happened because of the family's limitations in providing postoperative care when Grandma Mariama was taken to move to Kaimana, Papua, with her child.


Now Grandma can only lie in bed after returning to Barru. Her condition was getting worse so it was difficult to move her body because she felt pain in the thigh area.


Gau Mabaji Center Gowa handed over ATENSI assistance in the form of wound care materials, additional nutrition and basic materials. "Assistance was given from the results of the assessment that had been carried out by the team in the form of daily food needs and additional nutrition which is very much needed to help her recover from her condition. Within this month the team will continue to monitor Grandmother Maryamah's condition, if her condition deteriorates or if something goes wrong. Those who don't want it will be taken to the hospital," said Surya, a social worker.


"We have also prepared doctors and nurses who will come to Grandma Maryamah's place to continue to provide treatment because Grandma Maryamah doesn't want to be taken to the hospital because she feels more comfortable living with her family. Therefore, we are doing home care so that during this treatment she would not feel sad because of the presence of her family beside her.


Gau Mabaji center ensures the availability of wound care needs such as gauze, sterile handscoon, underpad, melolin, epithelial ointment, NaCl solution, wound washing soap, iodosorb, metcovazine ointment, alginate and cuticell.


Furthermore, Social Workers coordinate with the Ralla Health Center to be able to carry out wound care twice a week, using medicines and equipment provided by Gau Mabaji Center.

"Thank God and thank you to the Ministry of Social Affairs for your attention and assistance to my younger sibling. Hopefully, my younger sibling's condition will improve," said Arifin, Grandma Maryamah's cousin.

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