Get Identity and Goat Livestock, Scavenger of Ex-Migrant Worker Gets ATENSI from MoSA

Get Identity and Goat Livestock, Scavenger of Ex-Migrant Worker Gets ATENSI from MoSA
Writer :
Tim Humas Sentra Handayani di Jakarta
Editor :
Aryokta Ismawan
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

JAKARTA (October 22, 2022) - The family of scavengers Ayu and Dede who live on the flyover to Jagorawi Cibubur toll road in East Jakarta can now reunite with their extended family in Ngawi, East Java after receiving assistance from Ministry of Social Affairs through Handayani Center.


Ayu Larasati is a former Indonesian Migrant Worker (TKI) from Malaysia who once worked as a Household Assistant (ART) but was never given a salary for six months then she escaped and continued her life by working illegally in an oil palm plantation with an income of 40-60 ringgit/day. After returning from Malaysia, Ayu chose to work as a scavenger looking for junk around East Jakarta. Ayu has a child with a mental disability named Adam (12) from her ex-husband, a Malaysian citizen. Ayu is from Ngawi, East Java, but does not have an identity because according to her information, her identity cards and belongings were lost at the airport when she returned from Malaysia.


With Ayu and her son Adam's living conditions becoming increasingly difficult, Ayu finally reported to the Indonesian Embassy to be sent home to Indonesia. On (6/4/2022), Ayu managed to return to Indonesia and stay in her nephew's hut in the Cibubur area of ​​East Jakarta. But since Ayu and her child's life has become more difficult because they do not have money anymore to meet their needs. Ayu finally works as a scavenger with an income of IDR 20,000 to IDR 30,000 / day and hopes for gifts from people who pass by her. In June 2022, Ayu did unregister married a man named Dede who also works as a scavenger.


Responding to Ayu's case, the Head of Jakarta Handayani Center, Romal Sinaga, immediately ordered Handayani Center team to respond to the case for Ayu and her family. Handayani Center team then provided counseling, self-motivation and provided ATENSI assistance in the form of support for fulfilling a decent life in the form of necessities, clothing, nutrition, personal hygiene equipment, facilitation of returning to their hometown in Ngawi, East Java, as well as five goats for livestock with total assistance of IDR 7.500.000,-.

Handayani Center case response team, Agus Hardianto and Ari Widiyanto also coordinated with local government officials starting from the RT, RW, Village, District, Social Office, and Population and Civil Registry Offices and assisted by PKH companions to make population identities, Birth Certificate, entering this family into the Social Welfare Integrated Data database (DTKS), and connecting them with BPJS to have Health Insurance by making a BPJS membership card.

In addition, Handayani Center team also coordinated with the Village Head to register Ayu and Dede at the Mass Marriage event held by Ngawi Regent in the context of the 646th Anniversary of Ngawi Regency.

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