HKSN 2022: Rising Together to Build the Nation

HKSN 2022: Rising Together to Build the Nation
Writer :
Heru Cahyo Romadhon, S.Tr, S.Sos
Editor :
Early Febriana
Translator :
Intan Qonita N

National Social Solidarity Day is a national day commemoration to increase the value of social solidarity, the spirit of togetherness, unity and concern for others. National Social Solidarity Day (HKSN) 2022 is the 73rd anniversary of HKSN, with the theme "Rising Together to Build the Nation".

The HKSN commemoration presents memories of past history to be contemplated, studied, and understood as an example and inspiration to act as a driving force for concrete steps to contribute to the progress and welfare of the nation. The past memory that social problems arising from the aftermath of the war for independence required efforts to be handled and supported by all elements of society. This indicates that the value of social solidarity has existed for a long time and needs to be preserved and strengthened over time.

The important values ​​and meanings behind social solidarity which are set to be commemorated every December 20, namely the values ​​of the spirit of mutual cooperation and togetherness are the basic capital in building the nation. The value of social solidarity as a dimension of social capital has a strategic position to foster a spirit of togetherness, mutual trust, concern and unity, to create a Prosperous Indonesia based on Pancasila and Diversity. Solidarity teaches us lessons to respond to differences in ethnicity, religion, race, culture, language, regional dialect, and culture as potentials and strengths, not as things that must be debated that lead to primordial conflicts. History has explained that unity over difference has become a strong pillar towards the independence of the Indonesian nation.

The HKSN theme for 2022, Rising Together to Build the Nation, provides a deep message that being united is a fixed price that must be strengthened to build resilience, with resilience and unity being the strength to build a superior, dignified and inclusive civilization as the existence of the Indonesian nation. This theme is the implementation of the great value of Social Solidarity in the present and future contexts. However, nowadays the spirit of social solidarity which is the identity of the nation is starting to be forgotten and its existence is less felt in the midst of society. So the role of exemplary leaders or figures has an important role in answering these problems.

The example of a leader or a real figure is a positive energy that becomes a strong point in development. Exemplary is the overall behavior of leaders/figures that can be seen, recognized and imitated by members or the community. Exemplary is not just empty words or sweet promises but evidence of leadership behavior that is shown every day by great leaders. One small example is worth a thousand pieces of advice, and one small thing can make a big impact.

With an exemplary attitude that continues to be present in society, of course, the values ​​of social solidarity can continue to be preserved as one of our characters. The attitude of social solidarity that you give to others will be a good example and role model for others, so that it can influence other people's minds to do the same good.

We as providers of social welfare, according to the mandate of the Social Welfare Law that the implementation of social welfare, namely social rehabilitation, social empowerment, social protection, and social security must be based on social solidarity. Social solidarity can be implemented through collaborative work that produces effective solutions in dealing with social problems. Sectoral, regional, and especially group egos must of course be eliminated, consolidation of data, policies, and program implementation must be increased between ministries, agencies, and local governments. Based on this, social solidarity will be able to become the nation's social capital in realizing the great vision of Indonesia Gold 2045.

Commemoration of Social Solidarity Day 2022 can be used as a strategic momentum, as well as a milestone for increasing the values ​​of social solidarity and concern for the existence of beneficiaries of social welfare services, as well as being able to increase the potential role and sources of social welfare, social pillars, the business world, social welfare workers, social workers, and the community to continue to increase their participation in dealing with various social problems in Indonesia. The spirit of togetherness, mutual cooperation, kinship and willingness to selflessly sacrifice must become part of our attitude and behavior in everyday life.

Let's raise social solidarity together for social welfare and progress of the nation.

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