Improving TAGANA Capability, MoSA Creates Task-Force with Special Forces Command

Improving TAGANA Capability, MoSA Creates Task-Force with Special Forces Command
Writer :
Humas Linjamsos
Editor :
David Myoga
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Karlina Irsalyana

JAKARTA (February 8, 2023) - The Minister of Social Affairs, Tri Rismaharini, is very concerned about the safety of the survivors of the disaster and wants to provide comfort for the survivors in the evacuation sites. She encouraged positive activities to empower the community. The development of Disaster Mitigation carried out by the Ministry of Social Affairs is increasingly being improved. As an innovation, in early 2023, the Directorate of Social Protection for Victims of Natural Disasters (PSKBA) in collaboration with the Center for Education and Training and Professional Development collaborated with the Special Forces Command to provide Training on the Formation of the Tagana Task-Force.


The Tagana Task-Force Training activity which is attended by 30 participants will be carried out for 14 days. The first three days of training were held at Cijantung Kopassus Headquarters, then at "Inten Soeweno" Integrated Center and Tagana Center located in Sentul, West Java.


Deputy Danjen Kopassus, Assistant Territory Col. inf. Irfan Amir welcomed the Ministry of Social Affairs and appreciated the Tagana Task Force activities to create Tagana with positive character, discipline, and responsibility, as well as having a human spirit and a national outlook.


"Through this training, participants will be given training and an understanding of the formation of the character of discipline and responsibility. It is hoped that in the future a positive character will be formed that can train personal mental resilience in facing the most difficult situations during a disaster," said Irfan Amir at the opening of the Tagana Task-Force Formation Training in Cijantung, East Jakarta, Wednesday (8/2).


With the condition that Indonesia is in the ring of the fire area, several areas traversed by the megathrust route have great potential for flooding, volcanic eruptions, and of course earthquakes that have the potential for a tsunami. Acting Director General of Social Protection and Security, Robben Rico, revealed that as the main pillar of disaster management, the Ministry of Social Affairs prepared the Tagana Task Force as a special force in the field of disaster that is always ready to handle the problems needed by disaster-affected communities.


The Tagana Task Force must be alert, anticipatory, responsive, and adaptive followed by qualified skills in dealing with unexpected disasters. The new understanding that the Tagana Task Force must have is to be able to create infrastructure and understand how to make evacuation routes that must be alerted. Widespread knowledge about disasters must also be increased so that it can educate the wider community.

The Tagana Task Force was prepared to anticipate the worst possibility when a disaster occurs. Tagana and the Ministry of Social Affairs must make an effort especially to secure and save people in disaster-prone areas.

The training and formation of the Tagana Task Force was carried out, not only to improve the ability of volunteers but also to provide opportunities for advancement with different levels of ability. The Ministry of Social Affairs hopes that Tagana will have the ability to achieve the expected goals much better in handling disasters in Indonesia.

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