Inspector General Opens Coordination Meeting on Program and Budget Planning

Inspector General Opens Coordination Meeting on Program and Budget Planning
Writer :
Dian Catur P.K.
Editor :
Annisa YH
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Dian Catur P.K.

JAKARTA (September 25, 2019) - Inspector General of Ministry of Social Affairs of Republic Indonesia, Dadang Iskandar, opens The Coordination Meeting on Program and Budget Planning of Ministry of Social Affairs for The Fiscal Year of 2020 held from September 24-27, 2019 2019 di Holiday Inn Hotel &Suites. The event held by Bureau of Planning is attended by representatives from Provincial Social Services from all over Indonesia.

On this occasion, Inspector General whom represents The Minister of Social Affairs says that government has succeeded in decreasing poverty rate from 11,22% in March 2015 to 9,41% in March 2019.

The decrease of GNI Ratio shows that income inequality also declines. This achievement has to be an encouragement for giving the best services for public.

92% of the budget given to Ministry of Social Affairs is for Social Aid. Therefore, an excellent planning system is needed to manage the budget. In accordance to this matter, there are things that have to be taken into consideration, which are citizen’s participation, the quality and effectiveness of the policy, and management accountability.

Ministry of Social Affairs faces so many challenges, such as harsh external environment, global economic development, industrial revolution 4.0, demography bonus, aging population structure, the birth of new generation of millennial, and certain social problems as globalization increases.

In order to face the challenges, the Inspector General hopes that this event will build collaboration and synergy between central and regional governments, between institutions, and between governments and citizen which are important for the development to run well.

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