Inspectorate General Guards RKA-KL through Reviews

Inspectorate General Guards RKA-KL through Reviews
Writer :
OHH Itjen
Editor :
Annisa YH
Translator :
Ferenia Febi A; Karlina Irsalyana

JAKARTA (18 July 2020) - RKA-KL is a very crucial planning for budgeting in a Ministry. This is what underlies the Inspectorate General in holding the RKA-KL Review of the Indicative Ceiling for the 2021 Fiscal Year of the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs.

The activity, which was held at the Ibis Styles Hotel Gajah Mada for four days from 15 to 18 July, was attended by 60 participants consisting of echelon I and II officials, Head of UKE I Division, Head of UKE I Program and Budget Subdivision, auditors as RKA-reviewers. KL, representatives from the Planning Bureau and a team from the Program and Reporting Section of the Secretariat of the Inspectorate General. Secretary of the Inspectorate General, Arif Nahari, had the opportunity to open this activity.

Arif said, “The Ministry of Social Affairs' budget must be accountable. Therefore, the Inspectorate General is here to provide assistance through the Review.” The purpose of this review is to provide limited assurance, comply with the rules of budget planning and have value for money. Meanwhile, the objectives of the Review activity are the feasibility of the budget to produce an output, the completeness of the supporting documents for the RKA-KL, compliance in the application of the rules of budget planning, as well as the details of the budget used to fund new and/or changing initiatives.

In this activity, representatives from each UKE I outlined their respective unit budget work plans. The auditor as the reviewer saw the draft and discussed with each representative about things that could be improved from the plan.

In closing the activity, the technical controllers (dalnis) from each Field Inspectorate convey the problems found in the satker that are within the scope of their supervision. Not only that, Dalnis also conveyed any recommendations that can be completed so that the budget work plan of each unit becomes accountable.

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