Kemensos Gives Compensation for Victims Due to Conflict in Wamena

  • Kemensos Gives Compensation for Victims Due to Conflict in Wamena
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Writer :
Idamana Banjiwo
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Annisa YH
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Alif Mufida U

SOUTH PESISIR (October 18, 2019) - The central government through the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs gives compensation to the heirs of nine dead victims from South Pesisir, West Sumatra, which was caused by social conflict in Wamena. Each of died victim received 15 million rupiahs as compensation. So that, the overall value of compensation for victims from South Pesisir is 135 million rupiahs.

The handover of compensation for heirs was conducted on Friday (10/18) afternoon at the Nurul Islam Mosque Courtyard, Tanjung Gadang Village, Sutera District, South Pesisir. The compensation was given directly by the Head of the Prevention Subdirectorate of PSKBS, Helmi Datuk R. Mulya to each heir. Compensation was given in the form of an account book filled with 15 million rupiahs.

According to Helmi Datuk, the compensation of heirs given as a form of state's presence in helping to ease the burden on the family that was left behind. "This is a form of social care and sharing of grief for West Sumatra residents who become victims. The heirs are expected to be patient, sincere and have spirit to continue living their life. If there are residents who want to return to Wamena, the Government will facilitate the departure from Jayapura to Wamena," said Helmi Datuk.

The Regent of South Pesisir Appreciates the Ministry of Social Affairs' Quick Response

Meanwhile, the Regent of South Pesisir, Hendra Joni who was present at the meeting expressed his appreciation for the Ministry of Social Affairs' quick response in providing heir compensation.

"The Ministry of Social Affairs, including from the Provinces and Districts, responded quickly. He (the Ministry of Social Affairs) went directly to Wamena, then the Social Service District directly provided victims' data and immediately followed it up, so there was no fuss. Now, this is the presence of the Governement here," said Hendra Joni.

One of the heirs from the District of Batang Kapas named Erizal also thanked for the compensation given. According to the man who lost his wife and child due to the Wamena riots, the compensation is very useful for living capital in the future. "This is very useful, because I came from Wamena by bringing a wallet only. All my possessions in Wamena have been burned. I hope it can be my living capital in the future," said Erizal.

The social conflict that occurred in Wamena on September 23 made 33 people dead. In addition to the nine people who have received compensation today, the rest are still in the process of verification and validation. The victims came from a number of regions in Indonesia. (Ed: Alek Triyono)
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