Kreasi Cafe as a Means of Empowering Cianjur Earthquake Evacuees

Kreasi Cafe as a Means of Empowering Cianjur Earthquake Evacuees
Writer :
OHH Ditjen Linjamsos
Editor :
Intan Qonita N
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

CIANJUR (December 30, 2022) - The Ministry of Social Affairs through the Directorate of Social Protection for Natural Disaster Victims (PSKBA) inaugurated Kreasi Cafe which is located at Cariu Cianjur Evacuee Post, West Java. Representing the Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini, Acting Director General of Social Protection and Security Robben Rico explained that this cafe is a form of community empowerment in evacuation sites so that they can fill their time with beneficial activities as well as they can get an income after being cut off by the disaster.


 "We don't leave residents who are in evacuation shelters, but we train them to become independent again by empowering them to return to live a normal life," said Robben.


As a manifestation of the Ministry of Social Affairs' presence, the Disaster Preparedness Village will also be prepared as a form of disaster mitigation.


"Learning from the incident, we must be better prepared when a disaster occurs to reduce disaster risk," said Robben.


In line with the series of International Days of Disabilities and National Social Solidarity Day 2022 which was celebrated on (20/12), the Minister of Social Affairs gave awards to outstanding (Disaster Voluntary Worker) Tagana Members who had contributed to disaster management.


The cafe started by Tagana with Karang Taruna (Youth Organization) and the people in the evacuation sites is a form of synergy and cooperation as a form of disaster management in Indonesia.


Iyan Kusmadiana, the Director of Social Protection for Natural Disaster Victims, informed that since December 26 the disaster emergency status has been gradually revoked.


"Starting November 21, we have been here together, for approximately 40 days. However, the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Regional Government will continue to pay attention to needs in the field," said Iyan.


On this occasion, Iyan apologized if there were any satisfactory in providing services to the community.


In this activity, it was symbolically handed over by the Director of PSKBA Independent Public Kitchen Empowerment of Cianjur Earthquake Survivors to Cianjur Regency Social Office, as a relay for the tasks of Tagana Public Kitchen which had been operating since the first day the earthquake occurred.


Robben also expressed his gratitude to Tagana.

"About nine provinces have participated in providing services to earthquake victims. Now is the time for them to return to their respective regions to keep standby, considering the potential for disasters can happen anytime and anywhere," said Robben.

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