Ministry of Social Affairs’ Service of “Latih Adikku” Reaches Magelang Regency

Ministry of Social Affairs’ Service of “Latih Adikku” Reaches Magelang Regency
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Humas Sentra Terpadu Kartini di Temanggung
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Laili Hariroh
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Dian Catur/Karlina Irsalyana

MAGELANG REGENCY (24 January 2024) – Mulatmi (33), resident of Samben Village, Borobudur District, Magelang Regency had stopped taking her child to therapy at the hospital. Long distance and accommodation accost become some of the reasons.

Her eight years old son had cerebral palsy. She knew about his condition when her third son was eight months old, yet his development was not like his peers.

“He is eight months old, yet he doesn’t start to stand up. I take him to the doctor. Doctor says there’s a problem in his brain that makes his development is hampered,” Mulatmi said while being interviewed on the launching of “Latih Adikku” (Train my Little Sibling) at the Social Welfare Institution (LKS) Swadaya Bunda on Wednesday (January 24th).

“Latih Adikku” was an acronym for Special Therapy Treatment for Persons with Disabilities and Children with Special Needs.

This treatment is a service innovation from Kartini Integrated Center in Temanggung which is one of the Technical Implementation Units (UPT) in Ministry of Social Affairs. The treatment is designed to help disabled beneficiaries and children with special needs.

The head of Kartini Integrated Center in Temanggung, Iyan Kusmadiana explained “Latih Adikku” has three major programs which are Special Therapy Installation located in “Mobile Rehabilitation Unit” or UMORE in the form of homecare, and Special Therapy Unit located in regency or city cooperated with regional government.

“We provide equipment, the regional government provides the place and resources. In 2023, “Latih Adikku” is opened at Madiun City, Magetan Regency, Pekalongan City, and Wonosobo Regency. This time, it is expanded and reaches Magelang Regency, specifically in Swadaya Bunda Social Welfare Institution,” Iyan said.

The Head of Swadaya Bunda Social Welfare Institution, Istining Rahayu said by having Kartini Integrated Center in Temanggung developed “Latih Adikku” in the institution, it became more open to help many persons with disability living around Magelang Regency. Previously, Swadaya Bunda Social Welfare Institution provided services for persons with disability through education and vocational services.

“Now, we have a new service of therapy treatment unit. Therefore, we can provide free service for poor elderly. The children in the institution can go to school and undergo therapy without traveling far. Previously, they had to travel to faraway hospitals to undergo therapy,” Isti said.

The head of Social Security and Poverty Handling Department of Magelang Regency’s Social Office Heru Nurprismawan expressed his appreciation to the Ministry of Social Affairs through Kartini Integrated Center in Temanggung.

“On behalf of the government of Magelang Regency, we welcome it gladly. We hope that a network will be built to follow up the service. Thus, the service won’t stop at Swadaya Bunda Social Welfare Institution, but it will follow in the other institutions in Magelang Regency. Regarding equipment, resources, or financial support, those can be synergized between Regional Apparatus Organizations or OPDs,” Heru concluded.

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