"Margo Laras" BRSPDM Holds Group Therapy in Ngawi

  • "Margo Laras" BRSPDM Holds Group Therapy in Ngawi
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Writer :
Humas BRSPDM "Margo Laras" Pati
Editor :
Aryokta Ismawan
Translator :
Alika Sandra; Karlina Irsalyana

NGAWI (October 15th, 2019) - "Margo Laras"  Social Rehabilitation Center for People with Mental Disabilities (BRSPDM) Pati in collaboration with Naura Tours and Travel held a Group Therapy activity for Beneficiaries in Ngawi Regency on October 14-15 2019. This activity was attended by 28 Beneficiaries and 22 Facilitators.

The purpose and objectives of group therapy in efforts to restore social functioning and mental health that have been carried out by "Margo Laras" BRSPDM Pati is to increase the ability to socialize and solve problems, express themselves, increase empathy between groups and awareness about the relationship between emotional reactions between themselves and others, arouse motivation in terms of cognitive and affective, enhance the identity of the beneficiaries and stimulate cognitive, sensory, and reality, the process of receiving feedback, trying to exchange and provide experience to other members, and improve someone to be more focus, freshness and physical fitness.

The first day was filled with outbound activities at Tirtonirmolo Water Park, led by Kelvin. Beneficiaries and assistants are divided into four groups. The activities carried out are hulahoop, chain ball, concentration games, relay games to fill buckets using glass and make group slogan. The beneficiaries are very eager to participate in this activity.

The second day was held at Srambang Park, Waterfall and Florist Park. Beneficiaries are invited to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery where there are many blooming flowers and charming waterfalls.

Head of "Margo Laras" BRSPDM Pati, Jiwaningsih stated that this activity was intended to increase the capacity of beneficiary socialization so that they could work together in teams as well as recreational therapy.
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