"Minaula" Elderly LRSLU Held Technical Guidance for Officers and Facilitator

  • "Minaula" Elderly LRSLU Held Technical Guidance for Officers and Facilitator
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Writer :
Humas LSRLU "Minaula" Kendari
Editor :
Putri D
Translator :
Alika Sandra; Karlina Irsalyana

KENDARI (October 10th, 2019) – "Minaula" (Elderly Social Rehabilitation Workshop) LRSLU, Kendari held a Technical Guidance for Officers and Facilitator for the Elderly (BANTU LU). The activity was held at the Swiss Bell Hotel Kendari for three days, October 8-10, 2019.

This activity aims to provide training and debriefing to Elderly Social Welfare Institution (LKS-LU) facilitators related to assistance mechanisms for families and the elderly. The activity that carries theme “I am Happy to be Elderly Facilitator” is one of the stages of the Capacity Building Program for Officers and BANTU LU Facilitators. The stages start from the drafting / module preparation, technical guidance, simulation / trial, and finalization.

The Head of Sub-Directorate of Reintegration and Advanced Guidance, Directorate of Elderly Social Rehabilitation, Dewi Rani and Social Worker, Madya Wandansari Sulistyorini were also attended this activity to provide explanations related to the Elderly Social Rehabilitation Program.

Head of "Minaula" LRSLU Kendari Syamsuddin in his speech said, "sharing happiness between the facilitator and the elderly is able to provide the main energy that will later become a spirit for the facilitator, but that spirit must be supported by knowledge and skills that can be learned in the module which will be duplicated and published.”

Furthermore, said Wandansari, the Directorate of Social Rehabilitation at the Ministry of Social Affairs strongly supports this technical guidance activity to increase the potential, quality, and enrich knowledge as well as the skills of LKS-LU Facilitator.

"A very good experience for us especially LKS-LU assistants who almost never participated in capacity building related to humanitarian activities," said H. Maun as head of LKS-LU At-Taqwa Konawe Selatan District.

This activity was attended by 75 participants consisting of representatives from Southeast Sulawesi Social Service Agency, "Minaula" LRSLU Officer Kendari, and Elderly Facilitator. LKS-LU who attended this occasion included Al Aziz Kendari LKS-LU, Al Jannah Kendari, At Taqwa Konawe Selatan, Konawe HCDI, PSKS Bombana, Oriez Al Dzikri Sowite Muna, Ali Bin Abi Talib Tengah Buton, and La Dundu Care Middle Buton . (Deny Irawan)
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