Ministry of Social Affairs Distributes ATENSI Aid for 100 PPKS in Kampar Regency

Ministry of Social Affairs Distributes ATENSI Aid for 100 PPKS in Kampar Regency
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Humas Sentra "Handayani" di Jakarta
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David Myoga
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Karlina Irsalyana

KAMPAR (October 27, 2022) - The Ministry of Social Affairs through "Handayani" Center again handed over ATENSI aid to 76 PPKS (Social Welfare Service Recipients) in Aursati Village, Tambang District, and 24 PPKS in Siak Hulu District, Kampar Regency, Riau.


This aid was handed over directly by the Head of "Handayani" Center, represented by the Head of Administration Sub Division, Vivi Marlina, to the Sub-district Head of Tambang, represented by the Head of Welfare Section, Hairul accompanied by the Head of Aursati Village, Mohd. Yanis and a representative from IPWL Siklus, Hendra. About 76 PPKS are ex-drug users who are assisted by IPWL Siklus whose integrated assessments have been carried out and their needs are known.


"Following the direction of the Minister of Social Affairs, Tri Rismaharini, this assistance must be immediately given to people who have been assessed and meet the specified criteria as recipients of assistance and their use must be right on target, that's why MoSA through "Handayani" Center is present today in Aursati Village," said Vivi when opening the activity officially.


Regional officials appreciate MoSA because their outreach can reach villages far from the capital city. "We are very grateful to MoSA for the assistance given to our residents. Ladies and gentlemen, please use this assistance as much as possible to help fulfill daily life," Hairul appealed to the beneficiaries.


For about 71 recipients of assistance received assistance to meet the needs of a decent life, such as rice, nutrition, cleaning tools, worship tools, honey, oil, and others. While the other 5 received assistance in the form of entrepreneurial tools consisting of basic food businesses/daily stalls, noodle stalls, sugarcane drinks/ice, and traditional foods.


The Head of Aursati Village who accompanied the handover of the assistance also felt very grateful, especially since this assistance was given to the residents of Aursati Village because, since Covid-19, many residents have had difficulties. "Hopefully in 2023, our village residents can still carry out assessments/data collection, considering that there are still a lot of our residents who also need it. We will help and prepare data as complete as possible, to help the residents," said Yanis


"Handayani" center also handed over assistance in Siak Hulu District for PPKS former drug users who were assisted by IPWL Bunda Khotidjah as many as 24 PPKS. The total assistance given to the two sub-districts amounted to IDR 142,280,000.


Furthermore, "Handayani" Center will continue to assist PPKS in the 13 regencies/cities that are the working areas of "Handayani" Center following the results of the integrated assessment that has been carried out previously.
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