Ministry of Social Affairs Helps Heroes' Families and Art Community

  • Ministry of Social Affairs Helps Heroes' Families and Art Community
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OHH Dayasos
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Annisa YH
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OHH Dayasos

JAKARTA (May 5, 2020) - Director General of Social Empowerment Edi Suharto handed over symbolically 3,164 food packages to organization of Heroism, Pioneerism, Struggle, Social Solidarity at HTT Warehouse in the Main National Heroes Cemetery (TMPNU) Kalibata. This aid will be given to Warakawuri or Heroes’ families, Independence Pioneers, Independence Pioneer Widows, Veterans, Freedom Fighters, and the Arts Community in Jabodetabek Area.

"The Ministry of Social Affairs is also collaborating with other parties to provide social assistance and hopefully this assistance can be useful for people in dealing with COVID-19 pandemic," explained Edi Suharto.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many levels of society and various professions felt tremendous economic influence. Therefore, they feel greatly helped by the provision of these food packages and feel the presence of the government during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"This assistance is very useful for Warakawuri and Retirement in Cibinong, Bogor, we are really thankful to the President and the Minister of Social Affairs for the assistance that has been given to us," said Mr. Hasan, representative of PEPABRI.

The Ministry of Social Affairs continues to distribute social assistance not only from the government but also works with licensed foundations / institutions / private companies to collect community contributions. As in this case with SCTV Indosiar's Pundi Amal Peduli Kasih Foundation (YPP) which already has permission from the Ministry of Social Affairs to collect community contributions and it will be given to people in need. This assistance is one of the cooperation between the Ministry of Social Affairs and YPP.

The Ministry of Social through the Directorate General of Social Empowerment participated in accelerating the distribution of aid funds to help the community to survive in this difficult time. Since April 7th, the Ministry of Social Affairs has distributed various types of assistance to the community such as basic food assistance and rice packages for DKI Jakarta area, BST (Social Cash Assistance) for areas outside Jabodetabek, President's Basic Food Assistance in Jabodetabek Area, Business Strengthening Assistance, and Assistance for Business the heirs of the victims died because of COVID-19.

On this occasion, the Director General of Social Empowerment advised that in the distribution process, we must obey the health protocol COVID-19. Using masks, keeping a distance, avoiding the crowd is a key to reducing the spread of COVID-19.

Furthermore, he reminded again that if the community find problems in the process of distribution of social assistance, do not rush to get emotional, they can report it to the head of the local RT / RW / Kelurahan / Social Office, Integrated Service and Referral System (SLRT), Puskesos or through services Complaints of the Ministry of Social Affairs and do not need to post it in social media because it will not solve the problem.

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