Ministry of Social Affairs Launch SIKS-SLRT Application

  • Ministry of Social Affairs Launch SIKS-SLRT Application
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Writer :
OHH Dayasos
Editor :
Intan Qonita N
Translator :
Dimas Puguh; Karlina Irsalyana

JAKARTA (December 4th 2019) - Ministry of Social Affairs launches Social Welfare Information System Application - Integrated Referral Service System (SIKS-SLRT) which is fully integrated into the New Generation Social Welfare Information System (SIKS-NG) which is the umbrella for all social welfare applications that managed by the Ministry of Social Affairs, where previously the SLRT application was separate from SIKS-NG.

The SIKS-SLRT application is more focused on services and referrals and handling complaints from village, sub-district, district / city, provincial to central levels.

Director General of Social Empowerment Pepen Nazaruddin who inaugurated the launch of the SIKS-SLRT application and at the same time opened the SIKS-SLRT Dissemination activity said that the Ministry of Social Affairs was not alone in developing the SLRT application. All was carried out with the support of MAHKOTA-DRAF as a form of collaboration between the Directorate of Social Empowerment of Individuals, Families and Community Institutions (PSPKKM) with the Social Welfare Data and Information Center (Pusdatin Kesos).

"I hope that your participation in this activity can be used as material that will be delivered to the leadership of your father later, and can make SLRT a part of you in providing services to the community," Pepen said to all Provincial SLRT coordinators, 50 District SLRT Managers / City and 32 participants from the center at the Novotel Hotel, Cikini, Jakarta.

Pepen reminded all participants that there were still many tasks to be done. One of them is to equip facilities and infrastructure for 514 SLRT throughout Indonesia, while from the budget and other support is very limited.

Therefore Pepen hopes that the SLRT which has been built since the beginning can be continued and followed up with certainty. Some regions have developed SLRTs with support from their own regions, but there are also SLRTs that still depend on the central government. The SLRT program must be able to provide good services for the welfare of the community.

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