Ministry of Social Affairs Together with FK UNPAD Held an ENT Screening at Wyata Guna Center

Ministry of Social Affairs Together with FK UNPAD Held an ENT Screening at Wyata Guna Center
Writer :
Humas Sentra Wyata Guna Bandung
Editor :
David Myoga
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

BANDUNG (January 13, 2023) - The Ministry of Social Affairs through Wyata Guna Center coordinated with the Medicine Faculty of UNPAD/RSUP Dr. Hasan Sadikin in one of his T.H.T.K.L COMMUNITY programs to carry out screening to the public widely.


"One of the routine activities carried out by the E.N.T.K.L division of our program, which is one of the requirements for our students to carry out activities like this," said Dr. Ifiq Budiyan Nazar, Sp.THTKL in his brief explanation "the hope is that it can be sustainable, both in the form of counseling, screening, even diagnosis or ear cleaning" he added.


The activity held at Wyata Guna Center Bandung Auditorium was attended by 19 participants, including Beneficiaries (PM), Employees, and Students.


Giving explicit directions by Dr. Anton Hilman about the importance of having the inside of the ear examined by an expert "We can only clean the outside of the ear ..." he said in his direction to the participants.


After registering with a short interview about the complaints they experienced, participants were then directed to have their ears examined, until the final stage of the audiometry test.


The Chairperson of the Residential Working Group, Herny Santy, revealed "with this ENT screening activity, especially PMs can increase awareness of personal hygiene to build a more independent person," she said.


Tio (25) PM with Visual Sensory Disabilities, one of the participants in the ENT screening said he was happy with the treatment of the doctors when he has examined "the directions were clear, what he conveyed was also detailed, so I was happy so I knew what to do..." he said.

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