Ministry of Social Affairs’ Working Visit: “National Expedition in Mapia Islands”

  • Ministry of Social Affairs’ Working Visit: “National Expedition in Mapia Islands”
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Writer :
Bayu Aprianto
Editor :
Fia Arista Dewi
Translator :
Fia Arista Dewi

Mapia Islands (12 September 2023) – Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini accompanied by Acting Director General of Social Empowerment Beni Sujanto handed over assistance for people in the outermost in Mapia Islands, West Supiori District, Supiori Regency, Papua. The assistance was brought directly by the Minister of Social Affairs by traveling the sea for 20 hours on KRI Dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo (WSH) 991 owned by the Indonesian Navy.

The Minister of Social Affairs and the team continued their journey to the Mapia Islands by ambulance boat or small KRI ships from where the KRI dropped anchor. In less than 30 minutes, the small boats carrying various aid anchored at the Brasi Island dock.

The Minister said that the assistance she brought included the basic needs for the community, such as agricultural empowerment equipment, sports infrastructure, health and education equipment support, basic necessities, children's food, personal hygiene tools, biomass stoves.

Meanwhile, Risma also provided other empowerment assistance. According to her, empowerment must depart from the local wisdom of the local area. "After we learned, the potential here is coconut, but they only use coconut for copra," she said.

The assistance distributed by the Ministry of Social Affairs for the islands bordering the Republic of Palau and the Philippines is worth a total of Rp1.76 billion. Social Empowerment Assistance was also distributed in Biak Numfor Regency in the form of a 5 Ton Capacity Ice Cube Production Machine and 1000 Laying Hens. Furthermore, the Ministry of Social Affairs will monitor the utilization of the assistance that has been distributed and send more assistance that is needed by the community in the outermost region at the eastern tip of Indonesia.

As is known, the Mapia Islands group in the Pacific Ocean is the outermost island directly bordering two countries, Palau and the Philippines. The closest distance to the islands is from Manokwari City which is located 290 km.

Meanwhile, the Mapia Islands are a group of islands consist of Brasi Island, Pegun Island, and Fanildo Island. Among the 3 islands, Brasi Island is the most inhabited island, which is 69 families, Pegun Island is 10 families, and Fanildo Island is uninhabited. Every day, the community works as fishermen and copra farmers as the main livelihood.

Also accompanying the visit were the Special Staff of the Minister of Social Affairs, Head of the General Bureau, Presidential Staff Office, Chief of Staff of Koarmada III, Bappenas Principal Data Expert, Acting Head of Social Service Biak, Acting Head of Social Service Supiori Regency, Supiori West District Head, Supiori Regent Expert Staff, and Mapia Congregation Pastor.

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