MoSA Distributes ATENSI Aid for Patient with Hypospadias

MoSA Distributes ATENSI Aid for Patient with Hypospadias
Writer :
Humas Sentra Wyata Guna Bandung
Editor :
David Myoga
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Karlina Irsalyana

Way Kanan (October 21, 2022) - The Ministry of Social Affairs through Wyata Guna Center to respond to the case of a Child with Hypospadias (a condition when the urinary hole is at the bottom of the penis) in Rantau Jaya Village, Banjit District, Way Kanan Regency.


In coordination with Way Kanan District Social Office and the District Social Welfare Worker (TKSK), Wyata Guna Center Team distributed ATENSI Program in the form of Food Packages, Nutrition, Room Facilities, Kitchen Equipment, Transportation Costs for Health Checks, and Business Support in the form of Livestock (Chicken and Goat).


Radit (15) is the 2nd child out of 4 siblings who come from a poor family so since he was born, his illness has not been treated. Radit realized that what he was experiencing was an abnormality, as a result, he was often aloof and kept away from the crowd for reasons of shame.


Social Workers accompanied by Babinkamtibmas, Babinsa, Head of Puskesmas (Public Health Center), PKH Companions, and Local Village Officials provide Psychosocial Support and In-depth Assessments to Radit.


Suratno (41) Radit's biological father expressed his gratitude to MoSA. "Thank you for all the help and treatment for my child, I hope he will get well soon," while holding back tears Mr. Suratno expressed hope that his son would get medical services immediately. "I can't reply to anything, hopefully, my prayers will be answered, my family has been helped," he added.


Cooperation and coordination with the Head of Puskesmas were also carried out by Wyata Guna Center Team for getting an accurate medical follow-up.

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