MoSA Ensures BSB can be Smoothly Distributed in Banten

MoSA Ensures BSB can be Smoothly Distributed in Banten
BANTEN (03 October 2020) - Ministry of Social Affairs ensured Rice Social Assistance (BSB) program can be smoothly distributed to the receiver. Today, in Banten, it expected that all parties involved in the distribution of BSB must immediately respond to the obstacles during distribution, so that the distribution can work by targeted.

Secretary of Directorate General of Social Empowerment, Bambang Sugeng, directly visited 2 locations of the rice warehouses of BULOG Subdivre Lebak and Cikande Serang, Banten. Bambang Sugeng conveyed his evaluation regarding the implementation of BSB, especially in Lebak and Pandeglang.

"Delays in distribution often occur. For this reason, Transporter should immediately follow up by increasing the unit. In addition, coordinating the distribution schedule between transporters and their companions is very important. For BULOG, focusing to ensure that all the rice distributed is in good quality and if there is low quality rice should be immediately replaced, "said Bambang Sugeng.

For Banten Province area, the distribution of BSB from the BULOG warehouse to beneficiaries was carried out by the transporter PT. Bhanda Ghara Reksa (BGR). Commercial Director of PT. BGR Budi Susanto conveyed several obstacles in distribution.

"The delay in the distribution of BSB includes weather, ceremonial launching, and heavy terrain. This makes distribution difficult for large-capacity fleets," explained Budi Susanto.

The presence of Secretary of Directorate General of Social Empowerment together with the team at Perum BULOG Gudang Selaraja, Lebak Regency, among others, was to review the rebaging process, as well as to try medium quality rice cooking tests. The Induk Selaraja warehouse has 2 storage units with a capacity of 1,000 tons / per unit. This warehouse plays a role in distributing BSB in the Lebak and Pandeglang Regencies.

After completing his visit in Banten Province, Secretary of Directorate General of Social Empowerment then visited Perum BULOG Cikande Warehouse, Serang City. Cikande Warehouse has 9 storage units with a capacity of 10,000 tons / unit with the status of Modern Bulog Warehouse (GBM). The realization of Cikande warehouse as of October 2, 2020 has reached 1,714 tons or around 43% for the allocation of the distribution area of ‚Äč‚ÄčTangerang City, Tangerang Regency and South Tangerang City.

During his visit, Bambang Sugeng spend his time to distribute BSB directly to Mrs. Muahaya (43), one of the beneficiaries in Ciinjuk Village, Cadasari District, Pandeglang Regency, Banten.

"I have 6 children, my husband works in a garage. Sometimes he gets 50 thousand, sometimes 30 thousand. Yes, that's enough for eating. I am very happy to get this helped, the rice is good, thank you Mr. President", said Muayaha.

In Ciinjuk Village, there are 263 KPM PKH who will receive the BSB which is targeted to complete the distribution for 1 and 2 stages today.

At the end of the visit, Bambang Sugeng reminded all parties involved in the distribution of this BSB, to complete the distribution of stages 1 and 2 according to the target which is in the first week of October.

Also attending the activity were Head of Perum BULOG Operational Planning Division, Head of Perum BULOG Branch Office Lebak, Branch Heads of Perum BULOG Tangerang Branch Office, Deputy Heads and Heads of Perum BULOG DKI and Banten, Head of Head of Institutional Capacity of PSPKKM Directorate, and Head of TU Secretariat of the Directorate General of Empowerment Social.

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