MoSA Establishes the 894th Disaster Preparedness Village in Maros Regency

MoSA Establishes the 894th Disaster Preparedness Village in Maros Regency
Writer :
Galih Agus Rahman (OHH Ditjen Linjamsos)
Editor :
David Myoga
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

MAROS (September 17, 2022) - MoSA has officially established a Disaster Preparedness Village (KSB) in Maros Regency, South Sulawesi. KSB, which is located in Maros Baru District, is the 894th KSB in Indonesia. The declaration of the KSB which was held at Pallantikang Maros Field was marked by a disaster response simulation by members of KSB and the joint Search and Rescue (SAR) team, Saturday (17/9).


Acting Director General of Social Protection and Security, Robben Rico, said that KSB aims to train the community for disaster preparedness.


"So, how can the community be independent? serve themselves first if there is a disaster. Because we know, assistance from the district, province or center takes time," he said during the inauguration of KSB, Saturday (17/9).


The establishment of KSB in Maros Baru District was carried out after the tornado destroyed at least 120 houses.


"Maros is one of the disaster-prone districts. There is not only a flood but also a tornado. And most recently, it happened in Maros Baru District, where 120 houses were affected," he said.


In this activity, Robben also assisted in the form of one unit of field public kitchen car to Maros Regency Government to complete disaster preparedness. Maros Regent Chaidir Syam hopes that with this KSB the community can be trained and prepared in dealing with disasters.


"We are grateful that MoSA placed this KSB program in Maros Regency, precisely in Maros Baru District, which is often affected by disasters," he added.


Chairir said this KSB program was the first time in Maros Regency. It is said that the former chairman of the Regional Council of Maros, as many as 60 personnel from various elements were alerted in the KSB program.


"We got a locus from MoSA and we first placed it in Maros Baru. We prepared a team consisting of 60 people," he explained.


He also explained that in this KSB there would be a social granary containing various aid items.


"The contents of this social granary include food and logistical assistance. It is placed in the sub-district office. So, when there is a disaster, distribution can be faster," he concluded.


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