MoSA Holds Case Conference for Handling Infants with Hydrocephalus

MoSA Holds Case Conference for Handling Infants with Hydrocephalus
Writer :
Humas Sentra Mahatmiya Bali
Editor :
David Myoga
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

JEMBER (September 4, 2022) - As a form of comprehensive treatment for Marifatun Ainun (17 months), a baby with hydrocephalus since she was born, Mahatmiya Bali Center invited several relevant stakeholders to formulate the best treatment for the baby from Muhammad Aliwafi (38) and Unariatul Jazila ( 30).

Rifa, as she was called, was born by cesarean section with a weight of 3.8kg and a length of 50cm, and with a head that was larger than normal babies. After she was born, the doctor suggested surgery but her parents refused the surgery because they have no money, so the poor baby was taken home by force by her parents from the hospital.


When she was two months to seven months Rifa's head shrank, but when she was seven months her head started to grow until now. Her parents never checked her health at the hospital or health center.


Several parties had persuaded her parents to take Rifa for treatment, but they were refused. Until finally one of the council members (29/08) succeeded in persuading and bringing Rifa to the Soebandi Hospital for treatment.


From the results of the neurosurgery specialist, dr. Lily stated that the head looks enlarged, and asymmetrical, the fontanel is prominent, and on the back there are ulcers, there is an accumulation of excessive fluid in the brain so that it presses on brain cells and nerve disorders.


Furthermore, Rifa's hydrocephalus was too late for surgery. If an operation is performed, you will not get more benefits even if you are forced to undergo surgery, an infection may occur which can aggravate the condition.


Through this data and the results of an assessment during a visit to his home, the Outreach Team decided to hold a Case Conference at the Wirolegi sub-district office, attended by the Head of the Social Office, members of the Council from the Gerindra Party, the Head of the Community Health Center, Soebandi Hospital, Sumbersari Sub-district, Wirolegi Village Head, and Village Midwives, Wirolegi, Village Cadres, and members of Rifa's family.


In the implementation of CC, all parties conveyed what had been done and viewed according to their respective fields. However, the family said that Rifa was still being treated at her home and was not willing to surgery.

With the family's decision, Mahatmiya Bali Center acted as Case Manager and shared tasks related to handling Rifa's case, namely the Social Service providing assistance, guarding, and ensuring Rifa and her family entered DTKS and received some assistance.

Subdistrict and District Offices ensured that Dukcapil (People’s Civil Registry) data was online for Rifa and her family and submitted it to DTKS.

The Village Midwife and Puskesmas conducted home visits for Rifa's health checks once a week and Soebandi Hospital was ready to accept referrals if needed.

Then, Mahatmiya Center provided ATENSI for fulfilling a decent life, namely nutrition in the form of milk and Rifa equipment such as foam mattresses, sheets, head pillows, bolster pillows, blankets, pacifiers, diapers, baby clothes, and baby shoes.

Meanwhile, Rifa's sister, who was still in school, was given: bags, uniforms, books, and shoes and gave a vegetable cart to her parents to sell around and selling materials and vegetables to be sold.

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