MoSA Responds to Viral News for Elderly with Diabetes Mellitus

MoSA Responds to Viral News for Elderly with Diabetes Mellitus
Writer :
Biro Humas
Editor :
David Myoga
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

BONDOWOSO (September 4, 2022) - Launching from online media (30/08) with the news headline "The sad story of a lonely grandmother suffering from diabetes mellitus staying at a neighbor's house", the Ministry of Social Affairs through Mahatmiya Bali Center sent a Case Response Team to investigate the truth of media reports the. The team consists of social workers, social counselors, and nurses.


Previously the team had coordinated with Bondowoso Social Office as an initial step in handling the case and obtaining data if Misyana (59) was registered with the Social Welfare Integrated Data (DTKS), received Non-Cash Direct Assistance (BPNT), and had a BPJS PBI card.


Furthermore, she has been suffering from diabetes mellitus since 2 years ago and in the last 2 months, he has been in a bad condition. The right leg was in a watery condition and was wrapped in diapers to protect it from water and dust. She also received regular check-ups by Puskesmas (Public Health Center) officers who often visited her for treatment.


Seen on the table near her bed there are wound care equipment. Apart from the puskesmas staff, Ariyanti, the owner of the house where Misyana lives, also takes care of the wounds. Misyana said that in the last two months the wound had gotten worse and rotted. "For the past two months, my right leg has been rotting, I can't go anywhere without help," she said.


She was very grateful to the owner of the house for allowing her to live there. "Mrs. Ariyanti also helped me treat the wound and allowed me to stay at her house," while holding back tears of emotion. She had been recommended to be treated at the hospital, but it had not been implemented because no one could accompany her to the hospital. Residents are currently planning to make a picket list while Misyana is being treated at the hospital.


In addition, the Mahatmiya Center Team with the Social Office of Bondowoso Regency through UPT PSTW JATIM in Bondowoso Regency made every effort so that she could live there after her condition began to improve, as stated by the Head of Bondowoso Social Office, Anisatul Hamidah.


"Shortly we will take Misyana to the hospital for further treatment and after the condition of the wound improves, we will direct her to stay at PSTW," she concluded. The center is equipped with blankets, ready-to-eat side dishes and food, and cutlery. Meanwhile, ATENSI program is in the form of a decent living with additional necessities such as rice, cooking oil, eggs, detergent, personal hygiene equipment, as well as fans and dispensers as needed to ease Misyana's burden. In addition, the Center also provides a walker to assist with their daily activities.


Inequality of news by the media has been answered with the data above. Local and central governments are present amid small communities that need special attention.
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