MoSA Trains the Beneficiaries of PKH and BPNT on Modern Goat Livestock in Sukoharjo

  • MoSA Trains the Beneficiaries of PKH and BPNT on Modern Goat Livestock in Sukoharjo
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Writer :
Humas BBPPKS Yogyakarta
Editor :
M. Basri
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

SUKOHARJO (November 4, 2022) - As one of the efforts to improve the welfare of Beneficiary Families (KPM), the Ministry of Social Affairs through the Yogyakarta Social Welfare Education and Training Center organizes community empowerment through entrepreneurship based on modern goat farming. The activity was carried out for three days, November 2 to 4, 2022 in Kedung Jambal Village, Tawangsari District, Sukoharjo Regency, Central Java.


Together with Sukoharjo Regency Social Office, BBPPKS Yogyakarta chose the goat commodity because goats are one of the favorite types of livestock in rural areas, most households in the village raise goats as an investment and family income.


What distinguishes modern farms from conventional ones is that on modern farms the cages do not smell because goat manure is processed into organic fertilizer so that the smell of goat manure does not pollute the environment. It is arranged in such a way that the cages are cleaner and not seedy or dirty.


On modern farms, owners do not have to look for a feed every day because the feed in the form of fermented leaves or grass can last longer. Marketing also does not need to meet face-to-face at the animal market because modern breeders rely more on digital marketing.


As many as 30 beneficiaries of PKH and BPNT registered in DTKS received motivational materials for goat farming from Wiyono, the owner of Jaya Muda Farm Sukoharjo. Furthermore, material that is no less important is the introduction of goat species, making and feeding, stable management, and livestock management by Yudi Khomarul, an instructor from Hartono Farm Sukoharjo.


To equip training participants in entrepreneurship, the material was given about digital marketing by Monica Harijati from Indonesian Economic Heroes (PENA).


Eni, one of the training participants, thanked BBPPKS Yogyakarta for training on modern goat farming and providing a pair of goats for cultivation.


The Ministry of Social Affairs provided entrepreneurship tools for the training participants in the form of a pair of weaning Java goats aged approximately 5 (five) months. It is hoped that this entrepreneurial facility can become capital for the beneficiaries in entrepreneurship in raising goats to increase family welfare and be able to no longer depend on government social assistance.

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