National Heroes' Day 2020 Commemoration Meeting

National Heroes' Day 2020 Commemoration Meeting
BOGOR (25 September 2020) - Ministry of Social Affairs, through the Directorate General of Social Empowerment, continues to strive to instill and foster a spirit of heroism. National Heroes' Day which is commemorated every November 10, has a heroic meaning for the Indonesian people. Helmi Yahya becomes the General Chair of the 2020 Heroes Day Commemoration.

Located at Pullman Vimala Hills Hotel Bogor, the Director General of Social Empowerment Edi Suharto chaired the National Heroes Day 2020 Commemoration Meeting. He was accompanied by the Director of K2KRS Joko Irianto in the meeting which was held through a virtual zoom meeting.

The meeting discussed the coordination of the National Heroes 'Day Commemoration with partners and various parties, related to the main activity agenda and the series of National Heroes' Day commemoration. To keep the spirit of heroism alive, the plan is to commemorate National Heroes' Day 2020 not only on November 10. However, it will be carried out D-7 and D+7 from the peak of the warning.

Director General of Social Empowerment said that today's Heroes' Day is different from last year. This is a new moment in history where National Heroes' Day was held during the COVID-19 pandemic. And this is a challenge to create a different and unique activity.

"In general, there are three main menus for the activities of Heroes' Day, namely the national pilgrimage ceremony, the ceremony for sowing flowers in the sea, and the ceremony for the awarding of a National Hero by the President. Furthermore, outside the event, there are activities that are online / virtual in nature, during and after, among others, there are heroic webinars, competitions about heroism, there are also heroic concerts," explained Edi Suharto.

In the meeting, Helmi Yahya explained the concept of the commemoration of National Heroes' Day 2020 which will be mostly implemented in virtual form.

"The momentum of National Heroes' Day is a form of appreciation to heroes. We will do it virtually according to health protocols. The event will be packaged into an interesting spectacle through zoom webinars and youtube for 48 hours. Starting from pre-event activities there are promotions, social media, event marketing, video clip viewing, dance performances, bina vocalia singing the national hero song, Ki Manteb shadow puppets, awards for new heroes, stand-up comedy, successful culinary delights, e-commerce players, making profiles of national heroes show streaming, performances about heroes. Then the event is the main event on November 10. Then after the event by making coverage on TV, online coverage and press releases,” said Helmy Yahya.

Helmy added that there will be an artical competition about heroes, a hero photo contest, a creative video competition about heroes, a hero oration competition and all the results are uploaded on the link that will be determined. Participants in each type of competition will be determined the best 5 and given prizes.

Furthermore, participants in this coordination meeting held discussions and suggestions on the implementation of the National Heroes' Day 2020 activities.

Helmi Yahya also advised all companies / partners to participate in the National Heroes' Day 2020 activities. Especially in support of the budget for the smoothness and excitement of the event.

"We hope that state-owned companies / partners who are present at this opportunity will participate. For example, assisting the publication by making outdoor media, the building, and being able to play the videos we have prepared, borrowing airport space for the exhibition of hero photos if possible during this pandemic so that people will acknowledge the National Heroes' Day," said Helmy Yahya.

Also attending the meeting were the Director of Remote Indigenous Community Empowerment, Partners for National Heroes' Day such as PT. Telkom Indonesia, BNI, BTN, Bank Mandiri, PT Paragon Technology and Innovation, Garuda Indonesia, INACA, PT Pos Indonesia, PT MRT Jakarta, Metro TV, Emtek Group, PT Transportation Jakarta, Angkasa Pura II, MNC Media, Gatra, PT Kereta Api Indonesia, IKPNI, RRI Pro3, YSKI, LKBN Antara.

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