"O" Returns to the Family, Head of Center "Handayani" Provides ATENSI Assistance

"O" Returns to the Family, Head of Center "Handayani" Provides ATENSI Assistance
Writer :
Sentra Handayani
Editor :
David Myoga
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

LANGKAT (October 15, 2022) - On September 1, 2022, "Handayani" Center received a referral for a child from Indonesia's Troubled Migrant Workers (PMIB) Malaysia. "O" (4 years old) is the son of an Indonesian citizen, Dinda who is married to a Chinese Malaysian citizen. They did unregister married and after a few years of marriage, there was a conflict when their child, "O" was 9 months old, and they finally decided to separate. Then "O" was handed over to her ex-husband.


Dinda works at an oil refinery but only lasts for 7 months because she is not getting the salary she expected. She ran away from the oil refinery and finally met her ex-husband.


After escaping from an oil refinery, she worked in a restaurant in August 2021. But unfortunately, while she was at work, Malaysian authorities carried out a massive raid on the workers. It was found that Dinda had overstayed in Malaysia and the visa was no longer valid. After that, she was imprisoned in Malaysia for 4 months, before she was deported in December 2021.


In July 2022, Dinda received information from the Sub District Office that "O" would be repatriated to Indonesia and temporarily referred to "Handayani" Center. The Head of "Handayani" Center, Romal Sinaga, conveyed his message to the Social Worker who handles "O" to find the whereabouts of the family and coordinate with the Regional Government. "Currently, all comprehensive social rehabilitation treatment for "O" has been carried out, starting from physical, psychological, and social examinations. The progress is good, immediately coordinate with Langkat District Social Office to continue handling "O" and make sure the family is willing to accept "O"," Romal ordered.


Furthermore, after searching for the family and coordinating with the District Government of Langkat, it is known that when she returned to Indonesia, Dinda lost contact with her child because the Malaysian Police confiscated her mobile phone She asked her friends who were in Malaysia to find out the whereabouts of her son. She has returned to Malaysia twice to look for her child, but it was useless. Dinda and her family are very grateful that "O" was found and that social reintegration into the family will soon be carried out. The family is also looking forward to "O"'s return and is ready to provide the best care for "O".


Last Saturday (15/10), the Head of the "Handayani" Center along with Social Workers and Caregivers "O" took "O" back to the family. "Later, we will monitor the progress of "O" while at home, okay," said Romal to Grandma and Grandpa "O". "Handayani" center also provides ATENSI assistance to fulfill a decent life for "O" in the form of nutrition, diapers, milk, vitamins, cleaning equipment, biscuits, and others.

Furthermore, "Handayani" Center will continue to monitor "O" by collaborating and coordinating with the Regional Government, in this case, the District Social Office of Langkat, North Sumatra.
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