Opening Business Opportunities, MoSA Trains Cianjur Earthquake Survivors to Make Earthquake Resistant Bricks

  • Opening Business Opportunities, MoSA Trains Cianjur Earthquake Survivors to Make Earthquake Resistant Bricks
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Writer :
Siti Nurhilal Fakhriah
Editor :
Dasep Samsul Bahri
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

JAKARTA (December 15, 2022) - After 4 weeks after Cianjur earthquake, residents affected by the earthquake are still living in evacuation posts. The physical condition of the survivors in the evacuation looks fine. However, psychologically, the victims of Cianjur earthquake are getting more and more anxious every day.


In the framework of psychosocial support services for all survivors of Cianjur earthquake, the Ministry of Social Affairs continues to facilitate business training as skill strengthening and is also an activity for survivors to fill their spare time while being evacuated.


Various types of training are offered by the Ministry of Social Affairs. One of them is the manufacture of earthquake-resistant bricks at Cariu Field Evacuation Post, Mangunkerta Village, Cugenan District. It was implemented by the (Training and Education Center) Pusdiklatbangprof of MoSA in collaboration with Pangudi Luhur Bekasi Integrated Center.


Rahman (38 years), one of the evacuees at Cariu Command Post, said. "Still confused, I used to sell snacks around the children's snacks every day. It's pretty good to be able to get IDR 50,000 every day. But now it's hard to sell it. Who bought it? They are also victims, their house damaged by the earthquake."


"Last Sunday my wife just gave birth, I have four little children. I'm sorry to see them. But what can I do? What is there now must be grateful. Thank God, my family is all safe, including my wife and my baby."


"What else do we pay much attention to? A few days ago I was invited to take part in a training on making earthquake-resistant bricks which was carried out by the Ministry of Social Affairs. If I can take it seriously, the capital can be assisted, the opportunity is great," he said enthusiastically.


Now all the houses are destroyed. Slowly it will surely wake up (home) again. The need for bricks will come. It's an opportunity. The brick is also earthquake-resistant. There must be a lot of fans. Many people are traumatized by this disaster.


It is hoped that in the future this training can be used as capital to strengthen the family economy if it is taken seriously.


Following what was conveyed by the Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini some time ago, when visiting and motivating the survivors of Cianjur earthquake in evacuation.


Risma explained, amid limited conditions, evacuees must remain in evacuation centers until their homes are repaired.


The Ministry of Social Affairs is trying to offer business training including making interlock bricks, snacks, and handicrafts.

"Later we will teach them to make bricks so they can be busy, we will bring in trainers because it will take a long time, and many of their houses have collapsed. The important thing is that they are busy first. In addition to psychosocial support, it can also help with businesses," said Risma.

The interlock brick business is well suited to Indonesia's geographical conditions and can be a promising business. The brick in question is an interlocking brick that can be powdered when it falls.

"Later there will be a special mixture, if it falls, it will be like powder. We will prepare it, we will teach it. We will prepare the printing equipment and so on," explained Risma.

Not only limited to training but the Ministry of Social Affairs' Pusdiklatbangprof has also coordinated with various surrounding building shops for marketing opportunities, there are already building shops that are ready to accommodate the results of brick making made by the survivors.

"It's nice to join the training to fill in the activities and drive away boredom while living at the evacuation post," explained Asep, one of the evacuees who also took part in the training. They hope that in the future they can further hone their skills and have a brick-making business.

Head of the Center for Education, Training and Professional Development (Pusdiklatbangprof) of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Afrizon Tanjung, when confirmed via telephone, said that this training was an attempt by the Ministry of Social Affairs to prepare survivors for the post-disaster phase.

"Through this training, we hope that there will be a lasting impact, not only to fill their free time, or eliminate anxiety and boredom, but also, we prepare how they will rise again after returning home after they are no longer displaced," said Afrizon.

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