Scavengers Receive Habitable Homes: Thank You, Minister of Social Affairs for Paying Attention to the People Like Us

  • Scavengers Receive Habitable Homes: Thank You, Minister of Social Affairs for Paying Attention to the People Like Us
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Humas Ditjen Rehabilitasi Sosial
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Karlina Irsalyana

KENDARI (July 18, 2023) – Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini fulfilled her promise by inaugurating 26 livable housing units in Pemulung Village, Puuwatu Village, Puuwatu District, Kendari City, Tuesday (18/7/2023).  The scavenger slum area previously caught fire on Thursday (9/6/2022).  The fire devours the settlements until they are sold out three times.  As a result, the 26 families set up emergency tents as temporary shelters.

The Ministry of Social Affairs through the Meohai Center of Kendari Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) has provided household furniture assistance for the 26 units of livable housing assistance.  The inauguration began with the signing of the inscription by the Minister of Social Affairs, then handing over the keys to the scavengers.  Handing over the keys as a sign that the house can be used costs IDR 4.5 billion with the building designed by the Minister of Social Affairs herself.

To residents, the Minister of Social Affairs advised them to take advantage of the resources in the environment around the house and to be empowered to be green and healthy.

 “You can use compost which you can collect yourself from the garbage heap.  On the edges of the mounds of garbage can be taken and filtered so that the results are smooth and friable and then sprinkled in front or behind the house and then plant green vegetables so that parents can eat healthy vegetables, including children, "ordered Minister Risma.

The Minister also handed over IDR 156 million in Social Rehabilitation Assistance (ATENSI) from Meohai Center Kendari, not in cash form but household furniture such as spring beds, bed sheets, bolster pillows and pillowcases, curtains, wardrobes, fans, rice cookers, stoves,  3 kg gas cylinder, regulator, toilet brush, dispenser, dish rack, 1 dozen plates, glasses and tablespoons, as well as tables and chairs for guests.

Delivery of ATENSI aid and inauguration of a livable house by the Minister of Social Affairs accompanied by Sociologist at the University of Indonesia Imam Prasojo, Senior Advisor to the Minister of Social Rehabilitation Services for Needy Persons and Potential Social Welfare Resources Luhur Budijarso Lulu, Senior Advisor to the Minister for Communication and Mass Media Don Rozano Sigit Prakoeswa, Head of the General Affairs Bureau Ministry of Social Affairs, Acting Mayor of Kendari Asmawa Tosepu, Head of Kendari City Social Office Abdul Rauf, and Head of Meohai Center Fepi Rubianti.  Previously, the Head of the Meohai, Fepi Rubianti, and her staff visited the locations of 26 scavenger house units that had been transformed into livable houses to prepare for the distribution of Atensi aid.

One of the beneficiaries, Nurhaedah, was very happy to receive a livable house that previously could only be dreamed of.

 "I thank the Minister of Social Affairs and Meohai Center who have been given housing assistance as good as this.  We are given complete household furniture,” said Nurhaedah emotionally.

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